Advanced Acoustic Guitar Songs

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You can learn how to arrange, improvise and write guitar parts by studying these advanced acoustic songs in-depth!

The advanced acoustic songs use big chord extensions and sometimes, unique and complex chords that incorporate open strings.

To be able to play and understand how arrangements like these are put together will not be done quickly, but don’t worry, using the step-by-step lessons, together we will get there.

Basslines, pentatonic and modal licks, vocal melody lines, and a few solos are incorporated into these arrangements.

There is complete TAB and loops to practice along with for each section of every song.

Alongside learning the songs you will also be learning all about modes, arpeggios, chord extensions, and complex chord progression theories.

This will teach you how to play them just like I do, but also how to write similar songs and guitar parts.

We also use these songs as a platform to learn about improvisation.

Using an actual song as our starting point, we learn how to develop vocal melodies or just study them to find out what notes to use and avoid in our improvisations.

This is a far superior method compared to randomly practicing scales or playing over generic backing tracks because it provides context and prepares you for a real-world scenario where you play gigs, write songs and record your own music.

Below, you find a link to every acoustic song available in the course. There are chords, a full performance of every song as well as lyrics available for all of them.

Angel Eyes – Frank Sinatra (Matt Dennis)

Am Am/G Am/F# Am/F | Am/E Am/Eb |
Try to think that love’s not around,
Am Am/G Am/F# | Bm7 E7 |
but it’s uncomfortably near.

Go to Angel Eyes chords.

Angels – Robbie Williams

E Esus4 | E | A Amaj7 | B |
I sit and wait, does an angel, contemplate my fate?
E Esus4 | E | Aadd9 Amaj9 | B |
Do they know, the places where we go, when we’re grey and old?

Go to Angels chords.

Baby Won’t You Please Come Home – Clarence Williams

| D7 | B7 | Em7 | A7 |
Baby won’t you please come home, ’cause your mama’s all alone.
| D7 | B7 | Em7 | A7 |
I have cried in vain, never no more to call your name.

Go to Baby Won’t You Please Come Home chords.

Blackbird – The Beatles

| 3/4 G Am7 G/B | 4/4 G |
Blackbird singing in the dead of night.
C C#dim Dadd4 D#b5 | Em Eb |
Take these broken wings and learn to fly.

Go to Blackbird chords.

Cannonball – Damien Rice

Em Emadd9 Em Em7 | G G/A G/B |
Still a little bit of your taste in my mouth.
Em Emadd9 Em Em7 | G G/A G/B |
Still a little bit of you laced with my doubt.

Go to Cannonball chords.

Don’t Wait Too Long – Madeleine Peyroux

D Bmb6 | E7 A7sus4 | D Bmb6 | E7 A7sus4 |
You can cry a million tears, you can wait a million years.
D G | F#7 Bm7 | E7 A7sus4 | D |
If you think that time will change your ways, don’t wait too long.

Go to Don’t Wait Too Long chords.

Dream A Little Dream Of Me – Chords

C Gbdim7 | Ab6 G |
Stars shining bright above you,
C C/B C/Bb | A7 |
night breezes seem to whisper, “I love you”.

Go to Dream A Little Dream Of Me chords.

I Shot The Sheriff – Bob Marley

Gm | Cm Cm7 Cm Cm7 | Gm7 Gm Gm7 Gm7 Gm Gm7 |
I shot the sheriff, but I didn’t shoot no deputy, oh no! Oh!
Gm | Cm Cm7 Cm Cm7 | Gm7 Gm Gm7 Gm7 Gm Gm7 |
I shot the sheriff, but I didn’t shoot no deputy, ooh, ooh, oo-ooh.

Go to I Shot The Sheriff chords.

I Wish – Stevie Wonder

Emb7 Ab | Ebm7 Ab | Emb7 Ab | Ebm7 Ab |
Looking back on when I was a little nappy-headed boy.
Emb7 Ab | Ebm7 Ab | Emb7 Ab | Ebm7 Ab |
Then my only worry was for Christmas what would be my toy.

Go to I Wish chords.

Over The Rainbow – Eva Cassidy (Harold Arlen)

| Gsus2 /F# | Em /D | Bm7b13 | G7 Amadd4 /B |
Somewhere over the rainbow,
| Cadd9 | Cm6 | Gmaj9 | G9 Amadd4 G/B |
way up high,

Go to Over The Rainbow chords.

Roxanne – The Police

Gm | Dm/F | Ebmaj7 | Dm |
Roxanne, you don’t have to put on the red light.
Cm7 | Fsus4 | Gsus4 | Gsus4 |
Those days are over, you don’t have to sell your body to the night.

Go to Roxanne chords.

Scarborough Fair – Simon & Garfunkel

A13sus4 | Asus2 | G C/E G | A13sus4 | A7sus2 |
Are you going to Scarborough Fair?
C | Am7 | C D | A13sus4 | Asus2 | A13sus4 | Asus2 |

Go to Scarborough Fair chords.

Sunshine Of Your Love – Cream

D blues scale riff | D blues scale riff |
It’s getting near dawn,
D blues scale riff | D blues scale riff |
when lights close their tired eyes.

Go to Sunshine Of Your Love chords.

Take Me To The River – Al Green

E7 | E7 D5 A5 |
I don’t know why I love you like I do,
E7 | E7 D5 A5 |
after all these changes that you put me through.

Go to Take Me To The River chords.

Tears In Heaven – Eric Clapton

Aadd4 E/G# | F#m A/E | D/F# A | E A/E E7 |
Would you know my name, if I saw you in heaven?
Aadd4 E/G# | F#m A/E | D/F# A | E A/E E7 |
Would you feel the same, if I saw you in heaven?

Go to Tears In Heaven chords.

Tenderness – Paul Simon

C | B7 | Em G | C C#dim7 |
What can I do, what can I do? Much of what you say is true,
G/D | D D11 | G Bb/F F | Em G |
I know you see through me, but there’s no tenderness, beneath your honesty.

Go to Tenderness chords.

Why Don’t You Do Right? – Peggy Lee

Cm7 N.C | Ab7 G7 | Cm7 N.C | Ab7 G7 |
You had plenty money, 1922, you let other women make a fool of you.
Fm Bb | Ab7 G7 | Cm7 | Ab G |
Why don’t you do right, like some other men do?

Go to Why Don’t You Do Right chords.

Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd

C/G | D/F# |
So, so you think you can tell,
Am | G |
heaven from hell, blue skies from pain.

Go to Wish You Were Here chords.