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Welcome to Spytunes!

learn guitar experience dedicated to teaching you how to play the guitar, understand music, and learn songs at the same time.

When you deeply study the greatest songs composed over the last century, you’ll soon discover how the building blocks of music can be understood using chords, chord progressions, arpeggios, and scales.

Since this is most evident in the songs that made it, the ones we all know, the hits, the tunes – We focus on them!

Learning with Spytunes, you’ll not only learn guitar but gain yourself a repertoire of well-known songs as well.

Using songs as our starting point, you get context for understanding music theory, this will enable you to improvise, arrange and write guitar parts for the acoustic and electric guitar in a musical way.

Free songs, guitar lessons, chords, lyrics, and tools!

Song Book

As a guitarist, a repertoire is the greatest asset you can acquire. It is your ticket to playing with other musicians.

To help you on this journey, I’ve gathered tunes I play with acoustic duos, Jazz trios, Indie/Rock/Party bands as well as large Soul/Motown ensembles.

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Beginner Acoustic Songs

Beginner acoustic guitar songs

This collection of songs will teach you how to arrange a song to play on your own, as well as how to create a supporting part.

Playing songs will help you with switching between open-position chords and give you the context you need in order to understand how music works theoretically.

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Intermediate Acoustic Songs

Intermediate Acoustic Guitar Songs

The intermediate songs can not be played using just basic open-position chords. We have to move up the fretboard and play CAGED barre chords as well.

We incorporate bass lines, licks, extend chords, and play vocal melodies. Most importantly, we invent 2nd guitar parts and play these songs together.

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Advanced Acoustic Songs

These songs use big chord extensions and sometimes, unique and complex chords that incorporate open strings.

Study these in-depth and you will gain a complete understanding of the fretboard, including how to build any scale, arpeggio, and chord, anywhere on the guitar.

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Intermediate Electric Songs

Learn all these Motown/Soul songs and you will have gained yourself a repertoire so you can jam or even join a working band.

Study these songs in-depth and you will map out the fretboard, master the CAGED system and learn how to design a rhythm guitar part that works in a band.

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Top 10 Chord Progressions

In order to understand music, you must understand chord progressions. This is best done by studying songs and finding the same movement in different songs.

This top 10 list gives you the most important chord progressions to memorize, with several song examples for each.

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Guitar Chords

The best way to understand the guitar fretboard is to use the so-called CAGED system.

Launched in 2000 by a man called Paul Foad, this concept has taken the guitar world by storm. Once understood you can build any chord, arpeggio, or mode.

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Several essential tools are available to help you on your guitar learning journey. Most importantly, Chordacus/SWS, will help you visualize the fretboard.

There’s also a chromatic guitar tuner that can change Hz available as well as a feature-rich tap tempo metronome.

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