Creepin’ In chords by Norah Jones/Dolly Parton

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Creepin’ In | Chords + Lyrics (capo 3)


| N.C (triplet lick) ||: G G6 G5 G6 G5 (triplet lick):|| x4

Verse 1

| G5 | Cadd9 | G5 | Dadd9 |
There’s a big ol’ hole, that gone right through the sole, of this old shoe.
| G G7 | C Cm |
And the water on the ground, ain’t got no place else it’s found,
| G Dadd9 | G |
so it’s only got one thing left to do.

Chorus 1

| Dadd9 Cadd9 | G |
Just creep on in, 
| Dadd9 Cadd9 | G |
creep on in.
| Dadd9 Em7 | D Cadd9 | G | G |
And once it has begun, it won’t stop until it’s done, sneaking in.

Verse 2

| G5 | Cadd9 | G5 | Dadd9 |
There’s a silver moon, came a little soon, oh, for me to bare.
| G G7 | C Cm |
It shines brightly on my bed and the shadows overhead,
| G Dadd9 | G |
won’t let me sleep as long as it’s there.

Chorus 2

| Dadd9 Cadd9 | G |
Creep on in,
| Dadd9 Cadd9 | G |
creep on in.
| Dadd9 Em7 | D Cadd9 | G | G |
And once it has begun, it won’t stop until it’s done, sneaking in.


| G | G |
| G7 | C7 | G7 | D7 |
| G G7 | C Cm |
| G Dadd9 | G |

Chorus 3

| Dadd9 Cadd9 | G |
Creep on in.
| Dadd9 Cadd9 | G |
Creep on in.
| Dadd9 Em7 | D Cadd9 | G | G |
And once it has begun, it won’t stop until it’s done, sneaking in.

Verse 3

| G5 | Cadd9 | G5 | Dadd9 |
There’s a big ol’ hole, that goes right through my soul, oh, that ain’t nothing new.
| G G7 | C Cm |
So as long as you’re around, I got no place else you’ve found,
| G Dadd9 | G |
there’s only one thing left for you to do.

Chorus 4

| Dadd9 Cadd9 | G |
You just creep on in. 
| Dadd9 Cadd9 | G |
Creep on in.
| Dadd9 Em7 | D Cadd9 | G |
And once you have begun, don’t stop until you’re done, sneakin’ in.


||: Dadd9 Em7 | Dadd9 C | G :||
||: And once it has begun, it won’t stop until it’s done, sneakin’ in :||

||: G (C) :|| G
||: Sneakin’ in, creepin in :||

Creepin’ In Chords: Learn the progressions

Creepin' In guitar lesson + TAB T

Norah Jones‘ duet with Dolly Parton on Creepin’ In is a great example of how to play a fast country tune on just one acoustic guitar.

Sandy Buglass recorded this for Spytunes back in 2009, after a banned YouTube account, I uploaded it again in 2011.

The intro is played using pull-offs and hammer-ons from a hybrid scale combining minor, major and honky-tonk comping.

This, as well as everything else in this tune, is best described using TAB so let’s look at the intro as a preview of what members enjoy.

Creepin in chords and TAB intro

That fast 16th-note triplet pull-off is m3rd/#9, 9th, to root. We then go to honky-tonk comping over an open position G chord, using chord names that’s G6G5.

Notice how the first time we play the lick it’s on just one string, but when repeated, play string 4 as well.

Following this, we mainly use the I, IV, and V chords for the verse. The IV and V chords have the variation of sus2 added and taken away from it.

I decided to write it as an add9 instead of CCsus2C, for example, to avoid writing loads of chords. The only chord outside the key is the IVm (Cm). This comes last in a chromatic movement of G7CCm.

Creepin’ In is the only song I know that uses an open-positon Cm chord, effectively completing the CAGED guitar chord theory on its own!

Here’s the verse with Roman Numerals.

| G5 (I) | Cadd9 (IV) |
| G5 (I) | Dadd9 (V) |
| G (I) G7 (I7) | C (IV) Cm (IVm) |
| G (I) Dadd9 (V) | G (I) |

Members get TAB for two ways this verse could be played. Practise them individually before you let go and blend them in a natural way, just like Norah’s guitar player, Kevin Breit did on the original.

Here’s Creepin In’s chorus chords with Roman numerals:

||: Dadd9 (V) Cadd9 (IV) | G (I) :||
| Dadd9 (V) Em7 (VI) | D (V) Cadd9 (IV) |
| G (I) | G (I) |

Again, you need TAB to see exactly how to execute this as well as that mental outro lick and let’s not forget the solo!

Here’s a link to the complete lesson (members only): Creepin’ In – Guitar Lesson with TAB.

To follow up the immensely successful album Come Away With Me was a pretty daunting task for anyone, especially after getting eight Grammy Awards for a debut!

Norah Jones‘s second album Feels Like Home was, just like the first one, produced by Arif Mardin (Bette Midler, Chaka Khan, Bee Gees, Phil Collins, Aretha Franklin) who took the calm jazz/folk piano-led style more towards American country roots.

The success of Feels Like Home was instant with almost 2 million copies sold worldwide in its first week of release!

Following this, Norah set out for her second Grammy Award, this time she clinched the Best Female Pop Vocal.

Creepin’ In was written by Norah Jones bass player Lee Alexander who had credits on 6 out of 13 songs on Feels Like Home.

Apart from Norah, Lee, and Dolly Parton, another legendary musician contributed to the album. On the track What Am I To You, we hear Levon Helm on the Drums (Drummer and Vocalist of The Band).

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Most importantly, find out why you should learn guitar through playing tunes, not practising scales, and studying theory in isolation.


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