Come Away With Me chords by Norah Jones

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Come Away With Me | Chords + Lyrics


||: 3/4 C | Am7 :|| x4

Verse 1

| C | Am7 | C | Am7 |
Come away with me in the night.
| C | Am7 | Em7 | Fadd9 | C | G |
Come away with me and I will write you a song.
| C | Am7 | C | Am7 |
Come away with me on a bus.
| C | Am7 | Em7 | Fadd9 | C | C |
Come away where they can’t tempt us with their lies.

Bridge 1

| G | Fadd9 | C | C |
And I want to walk with you, on a cloudy day.
| G | Fadd9 | C | G |
In fields where the yellow grass grows knee-high. So won’t you try to come.

Verse 2

| C | Am7 | C | Am7 |
Come away with me and we’ll kiss, on a mountaintop.
| C | Am7 | Em7 | Fadd9 | C | G |
Come away with me, and I’ll never stop loving you.


| C | Am7 | C | Am7 |
| C | Am7 | Em7 | Fadd9 | C | G |
| C | Am7 | C | Am7 |
| C | Am7 | Em7 | Fadd9 | C | C |

Bridge 2

| G | Fadd9 | C | C |
And I want to wake up with the rain, falling on a tin roof.
| G | Fadd9 | C | G |
While I’m safe there in your arms, so all I ask is for you.

Verse 3

| C | Am7 | C | Am7 |
To come away with me in the night.
| C | G | C |
Come away with me

Come Away With Me’s chords and progressions

Being completely diatonic (no chords are outside the key), Come Away With Me certainly doesn’t break any harmonic rules.

The opening minor fall (I-VI) is ranked at #7 on my top 10 chord progressions.

The bridge is all V, IV, and I chords, ranked at #2 and #1 on the very same list.

This means that Norah Jones is using some of the most common movements available! Maybe a great song is down to delivery, lyrics, melody, and as Nile Ridgers always say: What’s the deeper hidden meaning?

Well, who wouldn’t want to travel to a mountaintop with Norah for a kiss and then see what happens?

Come Away With Me was Norah Jones’s debut single

Norah Jones‘s breakthrough single Come Away With Me made her an instant worldwide success. The critics initially dismissed the album calling it the least jazz album ever to be released on the record label Blue Note.

Luckily, the audience loved it so much that as of 2016, Come Away With Me (album) has become one of the most sold of all time, coming in at 27 million.

It was also the best-selling jazz album of all time, putting those initial critics to shame!

The album went on to grab her six Grammy Awards, and apart from the song itself, only one more single had similar success, the opening track, Don’t Know Why.

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Norah Jones

Norah Jones released her incredibly successful album Come Away With Me on the legendary label Blue Note at the age of 23.

The album won her 8 Grammy Awards and sold over 20 million copies. No wonder everyone in the business wanted to appear on the follow-up!

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