Still Got The Blues chords

You can learn how to play Still Got The Blues by Gary Moore!

This is the title track from Gary Moore‘s 1990 smash hit album Still Got The Blues.

This legendary album firmly established Gary Moore on the map of the great British Blues Guitarists.

Using a similar progression to Parisienne Walkways, this ballad lends itself to many hours of solo adventures.

The video lesson demonstrates the various parts of the song.

Still Got The Blues – Lyrics

Used to be so easy, to give my heart away
But I found out the hard way, there’s a price you have to pay
I found out that love, was no friend of mine
I should have known, time after time

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Gary Moore – Biography

One of the greatest, and definitely the loudest British blues guitar players of all time we find in Gary Moore.

Having appeared on more than 40 records, Gary more has recorded with Phil Lynott, Albert King, George Harrison and Albert Collins.

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