Cissy Strut chords by The Meters

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Cissy Strut | Chords

A – section
||: C9 | C9 Fus4 F :||

B – section
||: C9 | C9 :||

||: C9 :||

Cissy Strut’s melody

A great way to develop as a musician is to work out melodies by ear. This is not done by simply memorizing fret numbers, instead, you must attach the melody to theoretical concepts, try this:

The A-section melody uses the Cm7 arpeggio. It starts on the root and descends.

The B-section melody uses the same notes, in a different order, and avoids the m3rd. It too starts at the root.

You could also say that the melody is a C Minor Pentatonic for both sections.

Try this. Listen to the original recording, and sing along with both melodies until you can remember them. Picture the C Minor Pentatonic, start on the root, and see if you can find that melody.

Cissy Strut is a rare instrumental Jazz Funk standard for everyone!

As one of the easiest instrumental funk tunes around, you should definitely have Cissy Strut on your repertoire.

Released in 1969 by The Meters, the song has featured in several films, claimed a few Awards, and even charted, not very common for an instrumental!

An enormous amount of famous jazz artists have recorded their version and even more have it on their setlist.

In 2021, Rolling Stone magazine listed it at #158 on their 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time list. Impressive, considering Cissy Strut achieved this with just two sections and two chords.

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The Meters wrote Cissy Strut.

As one of the pioneers of Funk, The Meters formed as early as 1965. The band would come to back many artists as well as release their own instrumental tunes.

Their most famous instrumentals include Just Kissed My Baby and Cissy Strut, which has become a standard among working musicians.

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