You can learn how to play All My Life by Foo Fighters!

This massive tune is off Foo Fighters fourth album, One By One.

In March 2005 it was voted #94/100 Greatest Guitar Tracks, not bad for a drummer!

Dave Grohl’s technique is the closets you get to playing drums on the guitar, check out the verse for a perfect example of this technique.

The result is a super tight rhythm section that drives the melody, as usual Dave Grohl nails it.

The video guitar lesson demonstrates the different riffs played in All My Life.

All My Life – Lyrics

All my life, I’ve been searching for something
Something never comes, never leads to nothing
Nothing satisfies but I’m getting close
Closer to the prize at the end of the rope

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Foo Fighters – Biography

Being a member of not one but two generation defining bands, Dave Grohl must be considered our time’s greatest rock star.

Dave started writing what was to become Foo Fighters first album already as he was touring with Nirvana.

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