Use Somebody chords by Kings Of Leon

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Use Somebody | Chords + Lyrics


||: C5 | C/E | F | F :|| x 4

Verse 1

C5 | C/E | F | F |
I’ve been roamin’ around, always lookin’ down at all I see.
C5 | C/E | F | F |
Painted faces fill the places I can’t reach.

Bridge 1

A(m) | C | F | F |
You know that I could use somebody.
A(m) | C | F | F |
You know that I could use somebody.

Verse 2

C5 | C/E | F | F |
Someone like you and all you know and how you speak.
C5 | C/E | F | F |
Countless lovers under cover of the street.

Bridge 2

A(m) | C | F | F |
You know that I could use somebody.
A(m) | C | F | F |
You know that I could use somebody.

Chorus 1

||: C | C/E | F | F :|| x 4
Someone like you (oh, oh, oh… ).

Verse 3

C5 | C/E | F | F |
Off in the night, while you live it up, I’m off to sleep.
C5 | C/E | F | F |
Wagin’ wars to shape the poet and the beat.

Bridge 3

A(m) | C | F | F |
I hope it’s gonna make you notice.
A(m) | C | F | F |
I hope it’s gonna make you notice.

Chorus 2

||: C | C/E | F | F :|| x 4
||: Someone like me (oh, oh, oh…). :|| x3
Use somebody (oh, oh, oh…).

Middle 8

|| : D5 | D5 | F#(m) | F#(m) :||
I’m ready now, I’m ready now. I’m ready now.
I’m ready now, I’m ready now. I’m ready now. I’m ready now.


||: C5 | C/E | F | F :||
(Oh, oh, oh…)

Chorus 3

||: C5 | C/E | F | F :|| x 3
||: Someone like you, use somebody (oh, oh, oh…). :|| x3


||: C | C/E | F | F :|| x 4
I’ve been roamin’ around, always lookin’ down at all I see.

Use Somebody chords and progressions (lesson preview)

Use Somebody Analysis + TAB T

Kings Of Leon‘s epic Use Somebody has simple, yet clever chords and progressions.

Mainly moving from I – IV, using the 3rd of chord I to get to IV, the intro, verse, chorus, and solo chords are just this:

||: C5 | C/E | F | F :||

However, in a band with you being the only guitarist, just knowing the chords won’t get you far, you have to design parts that work, simply transcribing what is several layers on the original recording won’t get you far.

For members, I’ve designed 8 examples that you could simply learn and use in a gig. These will work as the only guitarist in the band and also if you play Use Somebody’s chords on one acoustic guitar.

Here’s a link to the complete lesson (members only): Use Somebody, guitar lesson with TAB.

Become a member today and get unlimited access to all step-by-step guitar coursesTAB for the songbook, the Self-Eliminating Practice Routine, and the eBook Spytunes Method.

Two of Kings Of Leon’s best tunes were on the same album!

Found on the 2008 album Only by the Night, just after Sex On Fire, we find Use Somebody, one of Kings Of Leon’s biggest hits.

The chart success was immense, for example, in the U.K., it stayed in the charts for 40 weeks, then temporarily dropped out for a week as Michael Jackson died and all his old tunes came back.

Following the absence of just one week, it came back in and stayed for another 20 weeks. All in all, Use Somebody has spent 75 weeks in the U.K. charts making it the 14th longest chart runner.

It didn’t do too badly worldwide, hitting the top 10 in a further thirteen countries.

I was in 2008/2009 signed to the same label as Kings Of Leon (RCA), it was funny to see how the A&R guys were desperate to find the next Kings Of Leon as if they had discovered a formula that could be replicated.

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