Papa Ain’t Salty chords

You can learn how to play Papa Ain’t Salty by T-Bone Walker!

Like so many Texans before him, T-Bone moved to California to record and it was here that Walker first got his hands on one of the first electric guitars, a Gibson ES.

Around 1939, T-Bone Walker made his mark in musical history by making the first blues recording with an electric guitar.

T-Bone could have stopped right there and still been a legend! Luckily, he didn’t and most famous blues guitarist after him cites T-Bone as one of their main influences.

In the video lesson above, you can learn how to play Papa Ain’t Salty, one of T-Bone’s more famous tracks and a great introduction to Mr. Walker’s legendary licks.

A personal favorite here is the Am-shaped m7b5 chords used as a substitute to create a dom9-sounding chord lick.

Papa Ain’t Salty – Lyrics

Come home little girl, your papa ain’t salty no more
Come home little girl, your papa ain’t salty no more
I need your love and I swear
I miss you so

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T-Bone Walker – Biography

This is it, the root, the granddaddy, the first electric guitar soloist: Mr. T-Bone Walker.

It was as early as 1929 when T-bone started to record, but as he says: “I’ve been doing it for a long time before that came around”.

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