You can learn how to play Need Your Love So Bad by Peter Green!

What set Peter Green apart from other guitarists of his day was his unbelievable sense of timing, touch, tone and phrasing.

He was so revered that B.B. King even said of him: “He has the sweetest tone I’ve ever heard. He was the only one who gave me the cold sweats.”

Peter Green was recognized as the top blues players and because of such was asked to join John Mayall’s band when Clapton left.

It was an extremely hard gig for young Green as throughout their first batch of shows, fans would shout:

“We want God! We want God!” (God, in this case being a reference to Clapton).

Need Your Love So Bad – Lyrics

Need someone’s hand, to lead me through the night
I need someone’s arms, to hold and squeeze me tight
Now when the night begins, I’m at an end
Because I need, your love so bad

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Peter Green – Biography

As the co founder of Fleetwood Mac, Peter Green had hits with the early version of the band playing blues.

These early recordings include Albatross and Need Your Love So Bad. They also covered Elmore James Shake Your Money Maker.

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