Soul Man chords by Sam & Dave

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Soul Man | Chords + Lyrics


| G | F | Bb | C D |

Verse 1

||: G G7 G | G G7 G :||
Coming to you, on a dusty road, good loving, I got a truckload.
And when you get it, you got something. Don’t worry, ’cause I’m coming.

Chorus 1

| G7 | F | G7 | G7 |
I’m a soul man. I’m a soul man
| G | F | G | C D |
I’m a soul man. I’m a soul man, and that ain’t all.

Verse 2

||: G G7 G | G G7 G :||
Got what I got, the hard way, and I make it better, each and every day.
So, honey, no don’t you fret, ’cause you ain’t seen-a, nothing yet.

Chorus 2

| G7 | F | G7 | G7 |
I’m a soul man. I’m a soul man
| G | F | G | C D |
I’m a soul man. I’m a soul man

Verse 3

||: G G7 G | G G7 G :||
I was brought up, on a side street, yes mam! I learned how to love, before I could eat.
I was educated, at Woodstock, when I start loving, oh I can’t stop.

Chorus 3

| G7 | F | G7 | G7 |
I’m a soul man. I’m a soul man
| G | F | G | C D |
I’m a soul man. I’m a soul man

Middle 8

| Eb | Bb |
Look, grab the rope and I’ll pull you in.
| C | D7 |
Give you hope and be your only boyfriend.
| Eb11 |
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (yeah!)


| Ab | Gb | B | Db Eb |


||: Ab Ab7 Ab :||
I’m talking about a soul man,
I’m a soul man, and you’re a soul man.
Soul man (oh lord), soul man.
(I’m a) soul man, (and you are) soul man.
(And you’re a) soul man.

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Soul Man Chords: Learn the progressions

Soul Man 8 step by step guitar lessons

Soul Man is a rare example of how you should stick to just a one-bar chord riff for a long time as if you’re playing funk, not Soul.

Funnily enough, when other people than Steve Cropper have played it with Sam & Dave, they’ve changed this one-bar rhythm guitar riff, which is a mystery to me.

In the preview lesson above, I walk you through the original part by Sam & Dave. Here’s the TAB.

Soul Man chords and TAB original part.

The Blues Brothers version is in a different key and therefore has been slightly altered, it looks like this:

Soul Man chords and TAB original part, Blues Brothers.

Here’s another version with Sam & Dave again, this is how Steve plays it live in the keys of Ab and A.

Soul Man chords and TAB, Steve Cropper live

In another gig, Steve isn’t part of the band, here’s what the new guitarist played!

Soul Man chords and TAB, without Steve Cropper live.

Finally, here’s what Steve Cropper plays when left to his own devices.

Soul Man chords and TAB, Stev Cropper solo.

Next up, we go through the remaining sections of the tune, you get loops to practice along with and TAB for everything.

When the song changes the key towards the end from G to Ab, you get a great workout on how to see all those chords, all over the neck, it’s not easy, so you must practice.

As if that wasn’t hard enough, should you play this song live, you might do so following the Blues Brothers version, which is in the keys of E and F. Now you must take everything you know and transpose it – another challenge where you better know your D-shaped chords!

In the course, I’ll give you plenty to work with to master that D shape. I’ll show you several different ways you could play each section of this legendary tune so you can perform it with a smile on your face.

Having many options, you can design your favourite way to play Soul Man when you eventually play it with the live band backing track in the final step.

Here’s a link to the complete lesson series: Soul Man – Guitar Lessons with TAB.

Soul Man was a hit, twice!

Soul Man is a song first made famous by Sam & Dave in 1967. Written by Isaac Hayes and backed by Stax legendary house band Booker T. & the M.G.’s, this is a proper classic.

In 1980, it reached the masses again as it featured in the unforgettable film The Blues Brothers. Amazingly, much of the band that played on the original recording was in the movie.

It wasn’t by chance that Blues Brothers picked Soul Man, the duo was famously modelled on Sam & Dave, when it comes to performing that is, Sam & Dave famously hated each other off stage.

Jake and Elwood didn’t hate each other, on the contrary, they were, as the title suggests, brothers, and if you’ve seen the movie you know they were also on a mission from God.

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When the film The Blues Brothers was released in the cinema, it gave their career one final boost. However, neither Sam nor Dave seemed happy about it.

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About me | Dan Lundholm

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This was a guitar lesson about Soul Man chords, by Dan Lundholm. Discover more about him and learn guitar with Spytunes.

Most importantly, find out why you should learn guitar through playing tunes, not practising scales, and studying theory in isolation.


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