Whistle For The Choir chords

You can learn how to play Whistle For The Choir by The Fratellis!

Whistle for the Choir is a song from the 2006 album Costello Music by British indie/rock band The Fratellis.

I’ve recorded two one guitar versions of the song in the keys of E and A. Learning both versions means you get a great workout in playing most CAGED chords.

As the instrumental section has the same progression as the verse/chorus, but in a new key, after you played the song in two keys, you will actually have played it in four.

This makes it a great opportunity to not just learn this song, but also learn from it and actually get better at playing and understanding the guitar fretboard.

Whistle For The Choir chords and lyrics – Key of E

Chords for Whistle For The Choir – Original key

In the original key of E, we get a great four-chord progression for all sections, below displayed using the first verse lyrics.

The part is played using an alternating bass line, so over E, play E E/B, for F#m, play F#m F#m/C#, etc. This is best displayed using TAB.


| E | E |
Well, it’s a big, big city and it’s always the same. Can never
| G#m | G#m Gm |
be too pretty, tell me your name, is it
| F#m | F#m | B | B7 |
out of line, if I was to be bold and say would you be mine?

The Solo moves down a tone to start on a D chord before it goes back up again as we start singing in the original key again.

| D | D | F#m | F#m Fm | Em | Em | A | B7 |

Whistle For The Choir chords and lyrics – Key of A

Chords for Whistle For The Choir – Key of A

When I play this with a female singer, we have to be in the key of A. Below the chords are displayed using the chorus lyrics.


| E7 |
So if you’re
| A | A | C#m | C#m Cm |
Lonely why’d you say you’re not lonely. Oh you’re a silly
| Bm | Bm | E | E7 |
girl, I know I heard it so, it’s just like you to come and go.
| A | A | C#m | C#m Cm |
You know me, no you don’t even know me, you’re so sweet to
| Bm | Bm | E | E7 |
try, oh my, you caught my eye, a girl like you’s just irresistible.


| G | G | Bm | Bm Bbm | Am | Am | Dsus2/A | Eb7 E7 |

Keys and strumming patterns

When changing the key, we can’t just simply change the chords and play the same parts.

All chords will lend themselves to playing the song in different ways, especially when it’s a one guitar arrangement.

For example, if chord I is an E chord, switching the bass between the root and 5th, the 5th will be higher than the root. When in the key of A, and chord I is an A chord, the 5th will instead be placed below the root.

By changing keys like this, you’ll discover more about a song, its chord progression, and what can be done with it on the guitar.

In both versions, the strumming technique of first playing the bass note, then the remaining chord shape is applied.

This is a standard, one guitar arrangement technique as you need to incorporate both bassline and chords when playing a song on just one guitar.

CAGED Fretting Exercises

When you initially look at the CAGED system and see the full shape, you will be struck down, the shapes are just too big!

When changing the key for Whistle For The Choir, and trying out every possible area, it’s a good idea to really get to know what’s possible with each shape.

Do this and you will start to see the possibilities and strengths of the system, not the flaws. This mindset is key to moving forward in a positive way.

To get you on the right track, in the course, we spend four steps playing CAGED fretting exercises.

This may seem like a lot of work, but the funny thing is, once you’ve done these, in a way, you already know all possibilities for how you could fret the chords when playing Whistle For The Choir, not to mention all other songs!

Course preview (Guitar Lesson – Step 1)

In the first video above, starting at 7:12, you find a preview of Whistle For The Choir’s guitar lesson, it’s the beginning of step 1’s guitar lesson.

This is a CAGED fingering exercise, first up we work on the C shape. Here’s the TAB for the first exercise. In the course, we go through all ten CAGED shapes (major and minor) like this before we start playing the song.

Whistle For The Choir – Guitar Lessons

Before you learn how to play Whistle For The Choir, there’s a series of CAGED fretting exercises to complete.

This is essential since the song may only have four chords, but we play it in four keys, all over the neck, with two different singers.

Go to Whistle For The Choir guitar lessons.

Whistle For The Choir – Lyrics

Well, it’s a big, big city and it’s always the same.
Can never be too pretty, tell me your name,
is it out, of line,
if I were simply bold to say would you be mine?

Go to Whistle For The Choir lyrics.

The Fratellis – Biography

The Fratellis shot to fame in late 2006, and mainly 2007 when they had three successful singles from their debut album Costello Music.

Since their debut, The Fratellis have continued to gather new fans around the UK with their blues-influenced pop songs.

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