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From Jungle Boogie to Celebration!

Formed in 1964, Kool & The Gang had to wait almost a decade and four album releases before their first tune to have any success broke through the mainstream. The hit was Jungle Boogie and the year was 1973.

Jungle Boogie was pretty much an instrumental and the band must have realized that if they wanted to get used to hits, and a more lavish lifestyle, they needed a singer.

After adding James J.T. Taylor (not the acoustic finger-picker!) and a new producer, Kool & The Gang would embark on their most successful stint with tunes such as Celebration, Get Down On It, and Ladies Night.

Since the glory days, Kool and his gang have continued to release albums and toured the world, their latest release came in 2021.

In total, they’ve sold 70 million albums worldwide.

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Celebration chords

You can learn how to play Celebration by Kool & The Gang using chords, lyrics, chord analysis, and the original recording.

Db/F Gb Db/F | Gb Db/F Ab |
Ya-hoo! This is your celebration…

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