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Who do you think you are?

Jean Knight started out singing in her cousin’s New Orleans bar and soon attracted interest from local musicians, bands, and small labels.

After a demo of a Jackie Wilson tune, a small local label signed her but four unsuccessful singles later, she gave up on the dream and started working as a baker instead.

Fast forward to the early ’70s, and Jean was again discovered, this time by a producer with connections to the label Stax.

After recording Mr. Big Stuff with her newly-found super funky sound, she must have thought she was back in the game. Unfortunately, the label shelved it.

Luckily, a similar-sounding tune recorded in the same studio, Groove Me by King Floyd did well, and Stax decided to release Mr. Big Stuff after all.

An instant smash hit in 1971, Mr. Big Stuff sold 2 million copies. The album didn’t do as well, and after no more hits and a disagreement with Stax, Jean Knight left to pursue her luck elsewhere.

She didn’t have any hits but did tour consistently, with, among others, Gloria Gaynor.

It would take until 1985 before a cover of My Toot Toot became another hit, simultaneously with Denise LaSalle who did well in the U.K., and Jean did well in the U.S. Unfortunately, her version had the worst ’80s production you’ve ever heard.

Jean Knight’s latest success was with her old tune Do Me, which featured on the Superbad soundtrack (2007). This is from her first album, and one can only wonder how an artist can go from such an amazing production in 1971 to the horrors of her ’80s sounds.

But then again, who do I think I am to judge Jean Knight?

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Mr. Big Stuff

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Eb | Ab Bb Ab |
Mr. Big Stuff. Who do you think you are…

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