Isn’t She Lovely chords by Stevie Wonder

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Isn’t She Lovely | Chords + Lyrics


| C#m7 | F#9 | B11 | E6 |

Chorus 1

| C#m7 | F#9 | B11 | E6 |
Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful?
| C#m7 | F#9 | B11 | E6 |
Isn’t she precious? Less than one minute old.

Verse 1

| Amaj7 | G#7#5 |
I never thought through love we’d be.
| C#m7 | F#9 |
Making one as lovely as she.
| B11 | B11 | E6 | E6 |
But isn’t she lovely made from love?

Chorus 2

| C#m7 | F#9 | B11 | E6 |
Isn’t she pretty? Truly the angel’s best.
| C#m7 | F#9 | B11 | E6 |
Boy, I’m so happy We have been Heaven-blessed.

Verse 2

| Amaj7 | G#7#5 |
I can’t believe what God has done.
| C#m7 | F#9 |
Through us, He’s given life to one.
| B11 | B11 | E6 | E6 |
But isn’t she lovely made from love?

Solo 1

| C#m7 | F#9 | B11 | E6 |
| C#m7 | F#9 | B11 | E6 |
| Amaj7 | G#7#5 | C#m7 | F#9 |
| B11 | B11 | E6 | E6 |

Chorus 3

| C#m7 | F#9 | B11 | E6 |
Isn’t she lovely? Life and love are the same.
| C#m7 | F#9 | B11 | E6 |
Life is Aisha. The meaning of her name.

Verse 3

| Amaj7 | G#7#5 |
Londie, it could have not been done.
| C#m7 | F#9 |
Without you who conceived the one.
| B11 | B11 | E6 | E6 |
That’s so very lovely made from love. Hey!

Solo 2

||: C#m7 | F#9 | B11 | E6 |
| C#m7 | F#9 | B11 | E6 |
| Amaj7 | G#7#5 | C#m7 | F#9 |
| B11 | B11 | E6 | E6 :||

Isn’t She Lovely Chords: Learn the progressions

Being in the key of E, Isn’t She Lovely‘s chords don’t drift far outside the key, let’s look at each section, starting with the verse.

| C#m7 (VI) | F#9 (IIx) | B11 (V) | E6 (I) |

Using roman numerals, this is VI – IIx – V – I. Notice how the I chord is at the end of the sequence, meaning it doesn’t feel fully resolved. This helps with wanting to loop the section.

Next, the bridge starts on chord IV, which looks like this.

| Amaj7 (IV) | G#7#5 (IIIx) | C#m7 (VI) | F#9 (IIx) |
| B11 (V) | B11 | E6 (I) | E6 |

The G7#5 is chord IIIx. the #5 could also be described as a b13, the mode here is not Phrygian, it’s Phrygian Dominant.

Isn’t She Lovely? is about Stevie Wonder’s daughter!

Isn’t She Lovely? is a song from Stevie Wonder‘s incredible album Songs In The Key Of Life. It was never released as a single due to Stevie not agreeing to shorten the song, which was needed in order to fit the format back in the day when these things mattered.

However, radio stations ended up playing it so much that it became one of Stevie Wonder’s most popular songs, now considered a standard. Motown/Soul bands are expected to know it at the drop of a hat.

As is often the case, Stevie played pretty much all the instruments and produced the studio recording on his own.

The only additional contributions are from keyboard player Greg Phillinganes and Aisha Morris, Stevie’s daughter who was recorded having a bath. Which is fair enough as the song is about her!

Other notable tunes on Songs In The Key Of Life are Sir Duke, I Wish, and As.

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