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Toploader recorded a cover of a cover!

Toploader was formed on the south coast of England, in Eastbourne in 1997.

Towards the end of the glory days of the music industry, the band got a big budget to record their debut album Onka’s Big Moka in both RAK studios in London as well as Ocean Way in Los Angeles.

The producer was Dave Eringa who had great success with Welsh rockers Manic Street Preachers just one year earlier.

It was Dave’s idea to dig up King Harvest‘s old hit Dancing In The Moonlight, which would come to make Toploader famous.

The debut albums sold almost 1 million copies in the U.K. and their version of Dancing In The Moonlight is still played on the radio, by DJs and even some cover bands a couple of decades later.

I personally know two of the members of the band, and they are both convinced that without Dancing In The Moonlight, perhaps people would have taken more notice of their other single, Achilles Heel.

Toploader would release the follow-up Magic Hotel in 2002 using the same studios and producer. Initially, the album actually charted higher than the debut. Although critics slated it and soon the band broke up as the label dropped them.

In 2009, a compilation album entitled Dancing In The Moonlight – The Best of Toploader was released, complete with a reunion.

The band has since released two new albums and continues to tour, and I’m guessing here, still finishing off with Dancing In The Moonlight, not Achilles Heel.

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Dancing In The Moonlight

Dancing In The Moonlight chords King Harvest Toploader T

Learn how to play Dancing In The Moonlight by Toploader (and King Harvest) using chords, lyrics, and the original recordings.

Fm7 (A) | Bb7 | Eb Bb/D | Cm7 |
We get it, almost every night, when that moon gets so big and bright…

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