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The Queen of Rock & Roll!

The peerless Tina Turner, referred to by her fans as The Best, and the critics as the Queen of Rock & Roll, lived a life like no other.

Starting out with Ike Turner, whom she married in 1962, and divorced in 1978, she had worldwide success with Proud Mary, Nutbush City Limits, and the epic River Deep, Mountain High.

Only Nutbush was an original song, written by Tina. River Deep was written for Tina by Phil Spector, Proud Mary was a Creedence Clearwater Revival tune.

Other covers of famous songs include Honky Tonk Women (Stones) and Come Together (Beatles).

This era of her life was captured in the film What’s Love Got To Do With It (1993), a must-see for any music fan.

After her divorce in 1978, Tina started plotting a comeback, it took a while but in 1984 she was back with singles Private Dancer and What’s Love Got To Do With It. The album also contained classics Help! (Beatles) Let’s Stay Together (Al Green), and I Can’t stand The Rain (Ann Peebles).

Private Dancer sold 12 million copies worldwide and has since been listed by the Library Of Congress for preservation.

Her next album, Break Every Rule (‘86), seemingly remained true to its title as no significant singles came from it, not what Tina was used to by now!

In ‘89, Tina released Foreign Affair, the hits were now back in Steamy Windows, and her signature song, The Best.

Following this, the soundtrack for the film What’s Love Got To Do With It came out, Ike became the most hated man in the world, and Tina, if she wasn’t already, the most loved woman.

The next album, Wildest Dreams came out in ‘96. As far as big tunes, only Golden Eye (James Bond ’95) was a big hit, which was released a year before the album.

In ‘99, Tina Turner released her final studio album, Twenty Four Seven, it sold well initially but didn’t have any hits.

As well as leaving a trail of legendary tunes, there are also several generations of female singers influenced by her, making Tina one of the most important singers of all time, perhaps only comparable to Aretha Franklin and Ella Fitzgerald.

In 2018, Tina: The Tina Turner Musical, premiered in London. One of my singer friends, Sharon, came second in the audition and was offered the understudy part for the lead role, in true Tina style she walked away.

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The Best

F5 | F5 | F F6 | Fmaj7 F |
I call you when I need you, my heart’s on fire.
F5 | F5 | F F6 | Fmaj7 F |
You come to me, come to me wild and wild.

The Best chords.

Come Together

Dm | Dm |
Here come old flat top, he come grooving up slowly.
Dm | Dm |
He got joo joo eyeball, he one holy roller.

Come Together chords.

Honky Tonk Women

G | G | C F/A | C |
I met a gin-soaked, bar-room queen in Memphis.
G | A (Asus4) | D G/B | D |
She tried to take me upstairs for a ride.

Honky Tonk Women chords.

I Can’t Stand The Rain

A7 | A7 | A7 | A7 |
I can’t stand the rain, against my window, bringing back sweet memories.
A6 | A6 | D6 | A6 |
Hey window pane, do you remember, how sweet it used to be.

I Can’t Stand The Rain chords.

It Takes Two

Eb | Eb E | F | F N.C |
It takes two, baby, it takes two, baby.
Bb Bb | Bb | Bb7 |
Me and you, it just takes two.

It Takes Two chords.

Let’s Stay Together

F (Fsus4) | F | Dm9 | Dm9 |
I, I’m I’m so in love with you.
Bbadd9 | Bb69 | Bbm9/Db | Bbm9/Db |
Whatever you want to do, is all right with me.

Let’s Stay Together chords.

Nutbush City Limits

Nutbush City Limits chords

||: A A6 A A6 A | A7 A6 A A6 A :||
A church house, gin house. A school house, outhouse.
||: A A6 A A6 A | A7 A6 A A6 A :||
On Highway Number Nineteen. The people keep the city clean.

Nutbush City Limits chords.

Proud Mary

Proud Mary chords

D | D | D | D |
Left a good job (down) in the city, working for my man every night and day.
D | D | D | D (F# G G#) |
And I never lost one minute of sleeping I was worryin’ ’bout the way the thing

Proud Mary chords.

River Deep, Mountain High

Bb N.C | N.C | Eb | Eb | Eb | Eb | Bb | Bb |
When I was a little girl, I had a rag doll, only doll I’ve ever owned.
Bb | Bb | Eb | Eb | Eb | Eb | Bb | Bb |
Now I love you just the way I loved that rag doll. But only now my love has grown.

River Deep, Mountain High chords.

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