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Gloria Gaynor | Jean Knight | LaBelle | Lizzo | Rednex | Harry Styles | Wild Cherry

Gloria Gaynor

Gloria Gaynor tunes

Starting out on the club circuit, Gloria Gaynor got signed in 1971 and started to release disco versions of famous tunes in 1975.

Her best tunes include Never Can Say Goodbye, I Will Survive, You’re All I Need To Get By, and Stop in the Name of Love.

Jean Knight

Jean Knight tunes

Starting out singing at her cousin’s bar, Jean Knight soon attracted interest from bands, producers, and eventually the record label Stax.

Knight’s best-known tune is her signature song Mr. Big Stuff but the album has some other cool tunes as well worth checking out.


LaBelle tunes

Starting out as The Bluebelles in 1962, LaBelle changed their name after one of their members left to join The Supremes.

Their best tunes include Lady Marmalade and covers of Wild Horses and Over The Rainbow.


Lizzo tunes

It would take several albums and singles before the world woke up and accepted Lizzo for who she was and her all-inclusive, body-positive message

Her best tunes include Juice, About Damn Time, Truth Hurts, Boys, Tempo, as well as covers of Stayin’ Alive and A Change Is Gonna Come.


Rednex tunes

Rednex debut album, Sex & Violins opened up with their signature song, setting the benchmark for what they were all about: Country crossed with Techno.

Their best tunes include Cotton Eye Joe, The Devil Went Down To Georgia, Old Pop in an Oak, Wish You Were Here, and The Spirit of the Hawk.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles tunes

Starting out with One Direction on the talent show X Factor, Harry Styles launched a successful solo career on the back of the boyband’s success.

His best tunes include What Makes You Beautiful, Sign Of The Times, Watermelon Sugar, Lights Up, Adore You, and As It Was.

Wild Cherry

Wild Cherry tunes

It took Rob Parissi two versions of his band Wild Cherry before he came up with a tune that would make them world-famous.

Wild Cherry is best known for their tune Play That Funky Music which they came up with after having the audience demand dance music from their rock band.

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