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Steve Winwood’s first band was named after the guitarist!

Spencer Davis Group was formed and named after Welsh guitarist Spencer Davis. The members thought the name was a great idea as that meant “Spencer would have to do the interviews while they could all stay in bed”.

This happened back in 1963 in Birmingham. They’d sign to Island Records and had their first #1 in 1965.

Their best-known songs include covers of Keep On Running (Jackie Edwards), and Georgia On My Mind (Ray Charles). 

They also wrote songs themselves, their two biggest tunes were I’m a Man and their signature song, Gimme Some Lovin’.

When the film Blues Brothers opened in 1980, Gimme Some Lovin’ was covered and therefore brought The Spencer Davis Group back into the public consciousness.

Even though the band was named after their guitarist, the real star of the show was the keyboard player, Steve Winwood. Steve would go on to form Traffic and later on Blind Faith with Eric Clapton once The Spencer Davis Group had disbanded in 1967.

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Gimme Some Lovin’

G | Bb | C | Eb |
So glad we made it. So glad we made it. You’ve got to.
G7omit3 | G7omit3 |
Gimme some lovin’ (gimme, gimme some lovin’).

Gimme Some Lovin’ chords.

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