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The Pointer Sisters started out as a duo in 1969. Soon, another sister joined them, and then in 1972, a fourth sister joined shortly before signing a record deal with Blue Thumb Records.

The single Fairytale earned them a Grammy for Best Country Vocal Performance, which was very unexpected if you know the Pointer Sisters for their disco hits!

In 1976, they released a best-of album, and here we find one new tune, You Gotta Believe. This song was featured in the film Car Wash and was produced by the old Motown producer Norman Whitfield, who by then had gone solo with his own label.

The founding member, Bonnie, left in 1978 for a solo career that never really took off, making the vocal group a trio again.

It would take the sisters 9 studio albums and until 1982 before things started to fall into place. The album So Excited had their signature song on it, I’m So Excited, and also a cover of I Feel for You by Prince.

However, this version of I’m So Excited wasn’t the success we all know it as today.

Their next album, Break Out (1983), is their greatest success. Here we find Jump (For My Love), which was a global chart success and the best-selling dance single of 1984.

The success of Jump (For My Love) must have inspired them to remix and re-release I’m So Excited, as that’s what happened next with great success. This was sandwiched in between Jump (For My Love) and another single from the album, Neutron Dance, which was featured in the movie Beverly Hills Cop.

The early half of the ’80s was The Pointer Sisters’ greatest era. They would continue to release albums, tour, and even recruit new family members but never topped their two big tunes, Jump (For My Love) and I’m So Excited.

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I Feel For You

I Feel For You chords

You can learn how to play I Feel For You by Prince and Chaka Khan using chords, lyrics, chord analysis, and the original recordings.

F# | Bmaj7 | Emaj7 | F# |
Baby, baby, when I look at you, I get a warm feeling inside…

I’m So Excited

I'm So Excited chords

You can learn how to play I’m So Excited by The Pointer Sisters using chords, lyrics, chord analysis, TAB, and the original recording.

Gm7 | Gm7 | C9sus4 Cm7 | Cm7 |
Tonight’s the night we’re gonna make it happen…

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