Taylor Guitars Review

Taylor Guitars Review

Taylor Guitars make the best beginner model!

American Taylor started making guitars in sunny California back in 1974. They rapidly made a name for themselves in the industry by being the new kid on the block.

A worldwide distribution ensured most guitar players have played a Taylor making them a household name in the acoustic boutique market.

Making sure they stay at the forefront, Taylor has made huge improvements in the world of pickup systems. Their Expression system is probably the best built-in pickup system you can get factory installed.

Taylor 810

Taylor’s Dreadnought model, with a slightly different take on the X-bracing from Martin’s D28. This workhorse is well worth checking out.

The attention to detail on an 810 is second to few and if you need a pickup system on a vintage 810, then Taylor’s own Expression System can easily be added.

Finding your perfect guitar is about comparing similar models to each other so do try as many dreadnoughts as you can before deciding. Most brands make one.

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Taylor Guitars – Koa

Taylor guitars in Koa

Taylor has some seriously sexy Koa models, pricey due to how rare this wood is, it might not be for the late night campfire session but what a beautiful guitar!

In my opinion, Taylor Koa’s are the best Koa guitars around.

Using the Expression system and turning your acoustic into an acoustic-electric guitar, they most likely have created one of the best sounding acoustic-electric guitars around.

In this video, Bob Taylor takes you through how Taylor Guitars find and use Hawaiian Koa.

Taylor’s pickup system

Taylor Guitars expression system

With a preamp designed with Rupert Neve and three pickups, the Expression System sounds absolutely fantastic.

Included in 500 models and up, this system is only available with a Taylor guitar.

If for no other reason, choose Taylor for the Expression System and forget about pickup problems, forever.

The new version of this pickup system uses one 9 volt battery rather than two AA batteries that the previous expression system used to come with.

This might seem like a small change but I have actually seen people getting disheartened over this minor detail. It also shows how Taylor listen to their users, always a good sign!

Unlike most pickups in acoustic guitars, Taylor uses three contact pickups. The onboard electronics blend them in order to get the full sound of the instrument. Very nice.

Taylor Big Baby

In Taylor’s second factory, on the other side of the border, only 40 miles away in Mexico, Taylor make the brilliant Taylor Big Baby.

This is the guitar I recommend for the beginner guitarist. The low weight, the portability with the gig bag and its slightly thinner body makes this a fantastic first buy.

This is also a great traveler and backup acoustic for the pro. Leave the Koa at home, bring the baby to the gig!

Taylor Baby

The final guitar I want to mention is the very cute Baby Taylor, This little 3/4 size guitar is great for kids who want to play steel string, but also as an alternative guitar sound for the serious player, both live and in the studio.

The shorter scale of the Baby Taylor means that you can use alternative high strung tunings, or why not try open tunings for new and exciting guitar parts.

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