Soul Man – Sam & Dave!

Coming to you, on a dusty road,
good loving, I got a truckload.
And when you get it, you got something.
don’t worry, ’cause I’m coming.

I’m a soul man x4
And that ain’t all.

Got what I got, the hard way,
and I make it better, each and every day.
So honey, no don’t you fret,
’cause you ain’t seen-a, nothing yet.

I’m a soul man x4

I was brought up, on a side street, yes mam!
I learned how to love, before I could eat.
I was educated, at Woodstock,
when I start loving, oh I can’t stop.

I’m a soul man x4

Look – grab the rope and I’ll pull you in.
Give you hope and be your only boyfriend.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (yeah!)

I’m talking about a soul man,
I’m a soul man,
and you’re a soul man.
Soul man (oh lord), soul man.
(I’m a) soul man,
(And you are) soul man.
(And you’re a) soul man.

Soul Man – Chords & Guitar Lessons

Soul Man is a song first recorded and performed by Sam & Dave on the label Stax. The band behind them was the legendary Booker T and The M.G.’s.

Steve Cropper was a member of this Stax house band. Let’s play it as Steve did!

Go to Soul Man – Chords & Guitar Lessons.

Sam & Dave – Biography

Sam & Dave are a Soul duo that made their most successful recordings with Stax house band Booker T and The MG’s.

When the film The Blues Brothers was released in the cinema, it gave their career one final boost. However, neither Sam or Dave seemed happy about it.

Go to Sam & Dave – Biography.

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