The Professional Guitarist Songbook

Baby Love – The Supremes

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Baby Won’t You Please Come Home – Clarence Williams

Baby Won’t You Please Come Home is a Jazz/Blues written by Clarence Williams.

Sung by Bessie Smith, Nat King Cole & Ella Fitzgerald it has become a jazz standard.

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Babylon – David Gray

Babylon has a tricky maj7 chord lick for the verse. In the course, we break it down into its smallest components, before building it up with many variations.

The chorus has a repetitive progression that is only varied at the end of each line. Progression tricks like this are very common in songs that become hits.

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Back In The USSR – The Beatles

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Bad Moon Rising – Creedence Clearwater Revival

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Band Of Gold – Freda Payne

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Basket Case – Green Day

In Green Day’s Basket Case, we only hear power chords on the recording. A power chord, also called a 5 chord, is a chord without a third.

This means we do not know which of the chords are major or minor. However, as you know, every chord has a number and every number has a sound.

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Be My Baby – The Ronettes

Be My Baby is an early “Wall Of Sound Production” by Phil Spector.

When playing this with a band, we need to create a big-sounding guitar part to compensate for the lack of an orchestra.

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Beat It – Michael Jackson

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Beautiful – Christine Aguilera

The chords could be seen as from either the key of Eb or Ab, or both at the same time!

It’s tricky to play chords in keys such as Eb and Ab when you don’t play with a capo. All chords will be barre chords.

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Belief – John Mayer

Belief is (just like Stairway To Heaven) balancing between Dorian and Aeolian, although we are now in Dm rather than Am.

The verse riff uses 6th intervals to hint at the chord colours.

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The Best – Tina Turner

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Best Of My Love – The Emotions

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Billie Jean – Michael Jackson

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Blackbird – The Beatles

Inspired by Bach’s Bouree in E minor, Paul McCartney created a modern masterpiece that all other finger-picked songs shall forever be compared to.

An open G string is used almost throughout Blackbird. This ties the very clever chord progression together.

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Blame It On The Boogie – The Jacksons

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Blowin’ In The Wind – Bob Dylan

Only using chords I, IV, and V, Blowin’ In The Wind keeps up the interest by adding bass lines and a mystery halftime bar.

This was Bob Dylan’s first hit, half a century later, he regularly plays this classic at gigs.

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Blue Moon – Jazz Standard

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Blue Suede Shoes – Elvis Presley

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Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke/T.I./Pharell Williams

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Born Under A Bad Sign – Albert King

An 8-bar blues with some great switches between minor and major pentatonic we find in Born Under A Bad Sign.

Probably Albert King’s most famous song is put under the microscope in this video and guitar lessons.

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Breakfast At Tiffany’s – Deep Blue Something

The chords for Breakfast At Tiffany’s are very simple, it’s the speed of the picking that is hard.

Using D, Bm, and A (with some extensions) for the verse we only change to D, A, and G for the chorus.

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Brick House – The Commodores

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Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison

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Brown Sugar – The Rolling Stones

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Build Me Up Buttercup – The Foundations

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Bullet In The Head – Rage Against The Machine

Bullet In The Head is during the Intro and Verses led by the bass. On top of this, you hear Tom Morello adding his unique experimental effects.

A wah-wah, whammy, delay, kill switch, and tapping metal objects on his pickups being his main tools.

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