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Killing In The Name – Rage Against The Machine

||: Muted Verse riff :||
||: Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses :|| x3
Some of those that work forces, you are the same that burn crosses.

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King Of The Road – Roger Miller

Bb | Eb | F | Bb |
Trailer’s for sale or rent, rooms to let, 50 cents.
Bb | Eb | F7 N.C | N.C |
No phone, no pool, no pets, I ain’t got no cigarettes.

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Kiss Me – Sixpence None The Richer

C | Cmaj7 | C7 | Cmaj7 |
Kiss me, out of the bearded barley, nightly, beside the green, green grass.
C | Cmaj7 | C7 | F/C |
Swing, swing. Swing the spinning step, you’ll wear those shoes and I will wear that dress.

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Know Your Enemy – Rage Against The Machine

||: (E) F#5 A5 F#5 (E) F#5 | (E) F#5 C5 B5 A5 |
| (E) F#5 A5 F#5 (E) F#5 | (E) F#5 C#5 B5 A5 E5 :|| x3 (114 BPM)
Know your enemy! Come on!

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Last Nite – The Strokes

| C5 | C5 | C5 | C5 | D5 | D5 |
Last night she said, “Oh, baby, I feel so down”.
| G | G | Em | Em/D |
“Oh, it turn me off, when I feel left out”.

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Last Request – Paolo Nutini

D | F#m | Am | Em |
Slow down, lie down. Remember it’s just you and me.
D | F#m | Am | Em |
Don’t sell out, bow out. Remember how this used to be.

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Le Freak – Chic

Am7 | D9 |
Have you heard about the new dance craze?
Am7 | D9 |
Listen to us, I’m sure you’ll be amazed.

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Let’s Stay Together – Al Green

F (Fsus4) | F | Dm9 | Dm9 |
I, I’m I’m so in love with you.
Bbadd9 | Bb69 | Bbm9/Db | Bbm9/Db |
Whatever you want to do, is all right with me.

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Little Lion Man – Mumford & Sons

Am | Am | C | C |
Weep for yourself, my man, you’ll never be what is in your heart.
Am | Am | C | C |
Weep, little lion man, you’re not as brave as you were at the start

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Locked out of Heaven – Bruno Mars

| N.C C Bb | N.C F/A Gm | Gm | Gm  C Dm |
Never had much faith in love or miracles (oh).
| N.C C Bb | N.C F/A Gm | Gm | Gm  C Dm |
Never wanna put my heart on the line (oh).

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Losing My Religion – R.E.M.

Am | Am | Em | Em |
Oh, life is bigger, it’s bigger than you and you are not me.
Am | Am | Em | Em | Am | Am |
The lengths that I will go to, the distance in your eyes.

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Lost in Music – Sister Sledge

C Dm7 | Dm7 | C G | G |
We’re lost in music, caught in a trap, 
C Bbmaj7 | Bbmaj7 | Bbmaj7 C | C |
no turnin’ back, we’re lost in music.

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Love Is In The Air – John Paul Young

C | C C6 | Fmaj7 | Fmaj7 |
Love is in the air, everywhere I look around.
C | C C6 | Fmaj7 | Fmaj7 F/A C/E |
Love is in the air, every sight and every sound.

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Love Train – The O’Jays

| C | D9 |
People all over the world (everybody). Join in (join).
| F | G11 |
Start a love train, love train.

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