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Baby Love – The Supremes

C | C7/Bb | A7 | Dm |
Baby love, my baby love, I need you, oh how I need you.
Dm | C | F | C |
But all you do is treat me bad, break my heart and leave me sad.

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Baby Won’t You Please Come Home – Clarence Williams

| D7 | B7 | Em7 | A7 |
Baby won’t you please come home, ’cause your mama’s all alone.
| D7 | B7 | Em7 | A7 |
I have cried in vain, never no more to call your name.

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Babylon – David Gray

| Dmaj9/F# | G | Dmaj9/F# | G |
Friday night I’m going nowhere, all the lights are changing green to red.
| Dmaj9/F# | G | Dmaj9/F# | G |
Turning over TV stations, situations running through my head.

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Back In The USSR – The Beatles

A | D | C | D7 |
Flew in from Miami Beach B.O.A.C. Didn’t get to bed last night.
A | D7 | C |
On the way the paper bag was on my knee, man, I had a dreadful flight, 

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Bad Moon Rising – Creedence Clearwater Revival

| D A G | D6 riff | D A G | D6 riff |
I see the bad moon a-risin’, I see trouble on the way.
| D A G | D6 riff | D A G | D6 riff |
I see earthquakes and lightnin’, I see bad times today.

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Band Of Gold – Freda Payne

G | G | D/F# |
Now that you’re gone, all that’s left is a band of gold.
D | C | C | 
All that’s left of the dreams I hold, is a band of gold.

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Basket Case – Green Day

| Eb5 | Bb5 | C5 | G5 | Ab5 | Eb5 | Bb5 | Bb5 |
Do you have the time, to listen to me whine, about nothing and everything all at once?
| Eb5 | Bb5 | C5 | G5 | Ab5 | Eb5 | Bb5 | Bb5 |
I am one of those, melodramatic fools. Neurotic to the bone, no doubt about it.

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Be My Baby – The Ronettes

E | E | F#m | B7 |
The night we met I knew I, needed you so.
E | E | F#m | B7 |
And if I had the chance I’d, never let you go.

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Beat It – Michael Jackson

Eb5 | Db5 |
They told him, “Don’t you ever come around here”.
Eb5 | Db5 |
“Don’t wanna see your face, you better disappear”.

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Beautiful – Christine Aguilera

Eb | Db | Cm | B5 |
Every day is so wonderful, then suddenly, it’s hard to breathe.
Eb | Db | Cm | B5 |
Now and then I get insecure, from all the pain, I’m so ashamed.

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Because I Got High – Afroman

G | C |
I was gonna clean my room, until I got high (ha ha) (ooh, oh, oh).
D7 | G |
I was gonna get up and find the broom, but then I got high (uh, la da da da da da).

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Belief – John Mayer

Dm Dmadd4add9 | Gm7 Gmadd4add6 |
Is there anyone who, ever remembers,
|  C9 C6 | Dm Dmadd4b6 |
changing their mind from, the paint on a sign.

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The Best – Tina Turner

F5 | F5 | F F6 | Fmaj7 F |
I call you when I need you, my heart’s on fire.
F5 | F5 | F F6 | Fmaj7 F |
You come to me, come to me wild and wild.

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Best Of My Love – The Emotions

F C/E | Dm C C/E | F C/E | Dm C C/E |
Doesn’t take much to make me happy, and make me smile with glee.
F C/E | Dm C C/E | F C/E | Dm C C/E |
Never, never will I feel discouraged, ’cause our love’s no mystery

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Billie Jean – Michael Jackson

F#m G#m | A G#m |
She was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene.
F#m G#m | A G#m | Bm |
I said don’t mind, but what do you mean, I am the one,

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Blackbird – The Beatles

| 3/4 G Am7 G/B | 4/4 G |
Blackbird singing in the dead of night.
C C#dim Dadd4 D#b5 | Em Eb |
Take these broken wings and learn to fly.

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Blame It On The Boogie – The Jacksons

Cm7Eb |
My baby’s always dancin’ and it wouldn’t be a bad thing.
Cm7 | Ab Eb |
But I don’t get no lovin’ and that’s no lie.

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Blowin’ In The Wind – Bob Dylan

G C G/B | D/A D G | G C G/B | G |
How many years can a mountain exist, before it’s washed to the sea?
G C G/B | D/A D G | G C G/B | D D/A D D/A |
Yes, and how many years can some people exist, before they’re allowed to be free?

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Blue Moon – Billie Holiday

| Abmaj7 Fm7 | Bbm7 Eb7 | Abmaj7 Fm7 |
Blue moon, you saw me standing alone.
| Bbm7 Eb7 | Gb7b5 F7 | E7b9 Eb7 | Ab6 Fm7 | Bbm7 Eb7 |
Without a dream in my heart, without a love of my own.

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Blue Suede Shoes – Elvis Presley

| N.C (E G) | A5 N.C (E G) | A5 N.C  | N.C |
Well, it’s a one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready now go, cat, go.
| D | D | A | A |
But don’t you step on my blue suede shoes.

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Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke/T.I./Pharell Williams

G | G |
If you can’t hear, what I’m trying to say (hey girl, come here)
G | G |
If you can’t read from the same page (hey).

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Born Under A Bad Sign – Albert King

Db7 | Db7 | Db7 | Db7 (Gb G) |
Born under a bad sign, been down since I began to crawl.
Ab7 | Gb7 | Db7 | Db7 |
If it wasn’t for bad luck, you know I wouldn’t have no luck at all.

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The Boxer – Simon & Garfunkel

C | C G/B Am  |
I am just a poor boy, though my story’s seldom told.
G | G | C |
I have squandered my resistance, for a pocketful of mumbles such are promises.

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Breakfast At Tiffany’s – Deep Blue Something

| D | Bm7 A Asus4 | D |
You’ll say, the world has come between us.
| Bm7 A Asus4 | D | Bm7 A Asus4 | D | Bm7 A Asus4 |
Our lives have come between us, still I know you just don’t care.

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Brick House – The Commodores

Am7 Gmaj7 G#m7b5 | Am7 D C |
Ow, she’s a brick house.
Am7 Gmaj7 G#m7b5 | Am7 D C |
She’s mighty-mighty, just lettin’ it all hang out.

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Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison

G | C | G | D |
Hey, where did we go? Days when the rains came.
G | C | G | D |
Down in the hollow, playin’ a new game.

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Brown Sugar – The Rolling Stones

C | C |
Gold Coast slave ship bound for cotton fields.
F | F |
Sold in the market down in New Orleans.

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Build Me Up Buttercup – The Foundations

C | E7 |
build me up (build me up). Buttercup, baby, just to 
F | G |
let me down (let me down). And mess me around, and then 

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Bullet In The Head – Rage Against The Machine

E7 | E7 |
This time the bullet cold rocked ya. A yellow ribbon instead of a swastika.
E7 | E7 |
Nothing proper about ya propaganda. Fools follow rules when the set commands ya.

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