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The original moonwalk!

Shalamar is an American Disco/Soul vocal and dance group that released its first album in 1977.

They would continue to release albums until 1990. After some years off, Shalamar reunited in 1999 to tour the world. In 2017, they released another single.

Most famously, the band would release their biggest tune A Night To Remember in 1982.

To promote the single, Shalamar appeared on Top Of The Pops in June of the same year. It was here that their dancer Jeffrey Daniel would perform the Moonwalk.

Michael Jackson saw this, contacted Jeffrey, and brought him on board as a choreographer.

The following year, Michael included the moonwalk on the televised 25th anniversary of Motown which blew 47 million American minds as he sang Billie Jean.

Together they would design some of Michael Jackson’s most iconic dance routines, including Bad and Smooth Criminal.

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A Night To Remember

A Night To Remember chords

You can learn how to play A Night To Remember by Shalamar using chords, lyrics, chord analysis, and the original recording.

Bbmaj7 | Am7 |
When you love someone, it’s natural, not demanding…

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