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Robbie has won 15 BRIT Awards!

Robbie Williams is a fifteen-time BRIT Award-winning English pop singer.

Williams’ career started as a member of the boy band Take That in 1990. When Robbie left Take That in 1995 to pursue a solo career, he had sold twenty-five million records with the group.

As a solo artist, he first released hits like Angels, Strong, Rock DJ, No Regrets, and Let Me Entertain You, only to move on to big-band singing on his hugely popular Swing When You’re Winning album.

Robbie Williams signs for $100 Million

Robbie Williams signed the biggest U.K. Record Deal ever, leaving EMI for Universal and a $100 million check.

The deal focused on how the label would have more control over Williams’ career as he prepared to break America.

The deal was penned by Ingenious Media, a consulting network, and must have left the label slightly disappointed as his American break never materialized.

Robbie has reportedly thoroughly enjoyed living in the Hollywood Hills as he now leads an almost normal life with nobody recgnising him as he walks down the streets of Hollywood.

In 2010, we saw a comeback for Robbie Williams in his old band Take That. I suspect Angels found its way into the setlist somehow.

Perhaps his greatest commercial achievement came in 2006 when he entered The Guinness Book Of World Records for selling 1.6 million tickets in a day to his tour Close Encounters.

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E Esus4 | E | A Amaj7 | B |
I sit and wait, does an angel, contemplate my fate?
E Esus4 | E | Aadd9 Amaj9 | B |
Do they know, the places where we go, when we’re grey and old?

Angels chords.

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