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Complete song – Electric guitar and live band

Learn how to play the sax solo on guitar

Before we learn the actual sax solo, I’ll first take you through how to create a guitar part for each section of the song, all over the neck.

By doing this, you’ll be able to improvise your rhythm parts and licks, rather than memorize them. Having a more free approach like this makes you more musical as you will have to listen to the rest of the band and adjust your part accordingly.

It also means you’ll get great at writing parts for original songs as you’re always exploring the neck to find new parts.

Now then, the sax solo… It took a while to work out what the sax plays on the original record, the end result wasn’t easy, but it was well worth it!

There as so many lessons to learn here involving note choices, articulation, and timing.

In the course, I spend a very long time dissecting how this solo is constructed and the many things you can learn from it and sax players in general.

The lessons come complete with video tutorials, plenty of TAB, and live band loops to practice along with.

As an introduction to “playing over changes”, I find it hard to think of a better example than learning how to play the sax solo from Respect on the guitar.

Chord progressions

The verse chord progression is similar to that of a blues’ V – IV movement.

||: G7 | F7 :||

The chorus is also blues influenced, this time the I – IV movement.

||: C7 | F7 :||

The solo moves to a new key.

F#m | F#m | B7 | B7 |
F#m | F#m | G7 | G7 |

The breakdown section pivots from C to F and back via a Bb.

||: C Bb | F Bb :||

Guitar Lessons

Respect – Step 1

Originally, Respect was written by Otis Redding but aimed for a singer called Speedo Sims who made an attempt to record it with his band.

After an unsuccessful session at legendary Muscle Shoals studios, Otis decided to record it himself and then again with Aretha Franklin.

Go to Respect step 1.

Respect – Step 2 (Free Preview)

Being in the key of C, the two verse chords are G7 and F7.

In order to find a good part for the verse, we must explore the fret board using different shapes and try the different rhythms we find on the original recording.

Go to Respect step 2.

Respect – Step 3

Today we start working on how to play the chorus of Respect. There is lots of TAB to go through here.

Using six different rhythms we explore all five areas of the neck.

Go to Respect step 3.

Respect – Step 4

Only four examples to work through in this step. Hopefully, after this, it’ll all come together for you.

We have four bars of a chorus, followed by six bars of verse to play around with.

Go to Respect step 4.

Respect – Step 5

Let’s learn the intro, breakdown, and how to play the chords for the solo.

You never know, there may be a sax player on your gig, that way you won’t have to play the solo!

Go to Respect step 5.

Respect – Step 6

I’m not gonna lie, this lesson is pretty hard. It took me several days to work this sax solo out and learn to play it reasonably well.

I would have liked another week of practice time, to be honest!

Go to Respect step 6.

Respect – Step 7

Reading the TAB and playing as I do in the video is a bit strange. It doesn’t go well with the style, it’s supposed to be improvised.

So if you aim to play exactly what I did, I’m flattered, but really, to build your own variations is the way forward.

Go to Respect step 7.

Respect – Step 8

To play this song on repeat for half an hour means you need to play it twelve times in a row.

You don’t have to play what I did, aim to find something that you’re happy with after playing it twelve times. Who knows, maybe you’ll even try again tomorrow.

Go to Respect step 8.

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