You can learn how to play Redemption Song by Bob Marley!

Redemption Song was penned by the legendary Bob Marley and released in 1980, less than a year before his death.

Played on just one guitar, it is one of the most politically loaded and widespread songs the world has ever heard.

Perhaps the ultimate campfire song, it uses only open position chords from the key of G. This makes Redemption Song one of the best songs for a beginner to learn.

In the video above, you’ll see how you can play Redemption Song on just one acoustic guitar, including the famous intro and all the chords.

You’ll also find two 2nd guitar parts, learn them and you can play this song with me and the singer as if we were a band.

Creating a second guitar part using a capo means you have to change key, this is one of the best ways to learn more about playing guitar. In the beginner acoustic guitar course, we do this to all songs.


Verse 1

| G | Em | C G/B | Am | x3
| G | Em | C | D | D |


| G | C D | x2
| Em | C D |
| G | C D | x2

Verse 2 and 3

| G | Em | C G/B | Am |
| G | Em | C G/B | D | (repeat all)
| D |

Guitar break

| Em | C D | x4


| Em | C D |
| G | C D |
| G | C G/B | Am | Am | Am6 | Am6 |

Improve your playing with hammer-on’s

As you can see when I play the song, the intro uses a hammer-on technique. You play the open string, then hammer-on the note.

This is a very common technique on the guitar and can be found in many songs. Fast Car and Wish You Were Here are only two more examples.

Improving your hammer-on technique may seem like a small detail to pay attention to but you’ll be surprised by its impact. Once you get your hammer-on’s bang on, you’re overall playing really does improve.

Redemption Song – Guitar Lessons

You can learn how to play Redemption Song by Bob Marley!

Step 1 (Reversed chromatic exercise)Step 2 (Individual parts)Step 3 (Complete song Gtr 1)Step 4 (16th note chromatic exercise)Step 5 (2nd guitar, individual parts)Step 6 (2nd guitar play along)Step 7 (3rd guitar, individual parts)Step 8 (3rd guitar play along).

Redemption Song – Lyrics

Old pirates yes they rob I,
sold I to the merchant ships.
Minutes after they took I,
from the bottomless pit.

Go to Redemption Song – Lyrics.

Bob Marley

Bob Marley was a Jamaican singer, songwriter, guitarist, and activist.

Marley is the most widely known performer of reggae music and regarded by many as a prophet of the Rastafarian religion. Few artists have had such widespread recognition as Bob Marley.

Go to Bob Marley – Biography.

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