Rage Against The Machine’s band members formed Audioslave!

Rage Against The Machine formed in 1991 and released their extremely successful self-titled debut the following year.

Consisting of guitarist Tom Morello, vocalist Zack De La Rocha, bassist Tim Commerford and drummer Brad Wilk, they released two more albums with original material following the debut.

Ten years after they formed, the singer left for a solo career. Statistically speaking, that would have been it for the rest of the band, singer leaves, band retires.

Not so for this band, the three band members teamed up with Chris Cornell from Soundgarden and formed the awesome Audioslave!

Bullet In The Head, Killing In The Name & Know Your Enemy

The second single from the debut album, Bullet In The Head, is a reference to how the media is used by the government to control the population.

The track was transferred intact from the demo recording.

The first single from the debut album, Killing In The Name has become RATM signature song.

In 1993 it peaked at #25 in the charts, in 2009 it became a U.K Xmas #1, mainly as a campaign to prevent the X Factor winners single to take the #1 spot.

Tom Morello invented the riff during a lesson as he was teaching a student about drop D tuning.

Another politically, anti government message we find in Know Your Enemy, a song that heavily criticizes the American government.

Finishing off with the line: Compromise. Conformity. Assimilation. Submission. Ignorance. Hypocrisy. Brutality. The Elite. All of which are American dreams! This was probably the most powerful lyric of the album.

Bullet In The Head – Chords & Guitar Lessons

Bullet In The Head is during the Intro and Verses lead by the bass. On top of this you hear Tom Morello adding his unique experimental effects.

A wah wah, whammy, delay, kill switch and tapping metal objects on his pickups being his main tools.

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Bullet In The Head – Lyrics

This time the bullet cold rocked ya
A yellow ribbon instead of a swastika
Nothing proper about ya propaganda
Fools follow rules when the set commands ya

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Killing In The Name – Chords & Guitar Lessons

In Killing In The Name, we get a monster riff that sounds extremely dark by tuning down the low E to a D.

The next note we play is an Eb, being a semitone away, this creates ultimate tension.

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Killing In The Name – Lyrics

Killing in the name of
||: Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses :|| x3
Some of those that work forces, you are the same that burn crosses. Ugh!
Killing in the name of, killing in the name of

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Know Your Enemy – Chords & Guitar Lessons

In order to play Know Your Enemy you need a guitar with a pick up selector and individual volume controls for the pickups you switch between.

Set one of them to 0 and the other 10, turn that amp up and start flicking the switch as you play.

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Know Your Enemy – Lyrics

Huh! Yeah! We’re coming back then with another bombtrack
Think ya know what it’s all about. Huh!
Hey yo, so check this out. Yeah!
Know your enemy! Come on!

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