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Almost a one-hit wonder!

Plain White T’s seemed destined to become another one-hit wonder band after coming to prominence with their worldwide hit Hey There Delilah in ’07/’08.

The success was so intense after charting in over 20 countries and selling well over 5 million copies that their other singles, Hate (I Really Don’t Lie You), Our Time Now, and Natural Disaster paled in comparison.

Luckily, they did have two more singles 1, 2, 3, 4, and Rhythm of Love that did well. Without these, the band would have fallen into the same category as Sixpence None The Richer, a one-hit wonder band.

The band may not have had much chart success since Rhythm of Love (2010) but at least it was enough to keep them going, releasing eight albums since their debut in 2000.

The next release is scheduled for November 2023, will they have another Hey There Delilah on there? At least the world will check to see!

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Hey There Delilah

Hey There Delilah chords

You can learn how to play Hey There Delilah chords by Plain White T’s using chords, lyrics, chord analysis, and Spytunes video guitar lessons.

D5 | F#m |
Hey there Delilah what’s it like in New York City…

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