Paying The Cost To Be The Boss chords

You can learn how to play Paying The Cost To Be The Boss by B.B. King!

B.B. King (possibly along with Albert King) is known mainly for two things in the guitar fraternity: Bending and Vibrato.

B.B. was the first to fully explore the possibilities of string bending and fluid vibrato on the instrument, turning both techniques into a sophisticated and slick style.

Bending and Vibrato are such a stock part of the electric guitar’s vocabulary that it’s almost impossible to think of it without them.

Yet, before the 1950′s, guitarists didn’t use vibrato and they would certainly have kept bending to quarter notes at the very most!

One of B.B. King’s best know songs we find in Paying The Cost To Be The Boss, which you can learn how to play using the video lesson above. To nail it, focus on how you vibrato!

Paying The Cost To Be The Boss – Lyrics

You act like you don’t wanna listen
When I’m talking to you
You think you outta do baby
Anything you wanna do

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B.B. King – Biography

The King Of The Blues, B.B. King is easily the most famous blues artist around.

With hits like The Thrill Is Gone and Paying The Cost To Be The Boss, B.B. will forever be known as one of the original blues giants.

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