Parisienne Walkways – Gary Moore/Phil Lynott!

I remember Paris in ’49
The Champs-Élysées, Saint Michelle and old Beaujolais wine
And I recall that you were mine
In those Parisienne days

Looking back at the photographs
Those summer days spent outside corner cafes
Oh, I could write you paragraphs
About my old Parisienne days

Parisienne Walkways – Chords & Guitar Lessons

Parisienne Walkways has a strong connection with two other songs. The melody is strongly influenced, some may even say stolen, from Blue Bossa.

The other song is Still Got The Blues, a song written by Gary Moore a decade later.

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Gary Moore – Biography

One of the greatest, and definitely the loudest British blues guitar players of all time we find in Gary Moore.

Having appeared on more than 40 records, Gary more has recorded with Phil Lynott, Albert King, George Harrison and Albert Collins.

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