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I Wish chords and strumming


I Wish is a single from the massively successful album Songs In The Key Of Life by the legendary Stevie Wonder.

Spytunes recorded the song a semitone up from the original. This way open strings can be used for this one guitar arrangement.

The progression of the verse is II – V (Em7 – A) which paints the harmonic landscape of the E  Dorian scale.

The bridge is slightly more complicated as the key has changed and the chords are many. For the chorus, we are back to II – V.

Bridge chords

If the verse and chorus are simply Em7 and A, the bridge is slightly more complex and goes like this:

B7 C#7F#m7 Am6 |

B7 C#7F#m7 B7 |

I would describe this progression as being in the key of E (not E Dorian as the verse) with a few variations.

This would make the B7 chord V7, The C#7 chord VIx7, the F#m7 would be chord IIm7 and the Am6 would be a IVm chord.

The final chord, the B7, could also be extended to a B7#9.

To get all this in the original key, simply move everything down a fret, starting on a Bb7 etc.

Arranging I Wish for one acoustic guitar

The two most important parts to fit into a one guitar arrangement of I Wish are:

1. The bass line
2. The syncopated chords

The bass line simply has to be played exactly like the record, it’s perfect as it is and should not be messed with.

In between the bass line, you can move between different shapes of an Em7 and A chord.

In the video lesson, I mainly use the Am shape for the Em7 chord, then move either down to an E shaped A, or up to a C shaped A chord.

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Then my only worry was for Christmas what would be my toy
Even though we sometimes would not get a thing
We were happy with the joy the day would bring

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Stevie Wonder

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Stevie’s natural groove and ability to so purely express music are untouched. His vocal phrasing and songwriting are second to none.

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