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Learn How To Play Master Blaster (Jammin’)

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Complete song – Electric guitar and live band

Improvise The rhythm parts – Memorize The Instrumental Section

In the step by step course, I’ll take you through how to play each section, all over the neck.

This involves building rhythm parts for the verse and the chorus. Using these examples as a starting point you will soon be able to play Master Blaster in an improvised way, or as the title suggests – by Jammin’.

The most challenging part of playing Master Blaster is the second instrumental section. This part has become so famous among musicians it is by many seen as a benchmark of your ability.

To learn it, you must first play the Minor Pentatonic in sequences, meaning moving up three notes, back one. Do this in all shapes followed by the opposite direction of three notes down, one up.

This final way of playing down the scale in sequences is the main foundation of Master Blaster’s instrumental section.

It does get more complicated than just moving in this pattern, but as a starting point, practicing the concept is essential.

The best part is that this way of phrasing can be incorporated into most solos and licks with great success.

Chord progression

The chord progressions of Master Blaster (Jammin’) break all sorts of harmonic rules. We discuss this in the course in great depth.

Here’s the basic progression.


||: Cm | Cm Bb | Ab | Ab G | F | F | Cm | Bb :||


||: Cm  | G7 | F6 | F7 :||

The last two bars of the chorus could have F, F6 or F7 chords. The G7 could also be a G.

Guitar Lessons

Master Blaster – Step 1

Today we start working on Master Blaster (Jammin’) by Stevie Wonder.

This is probably my favorite song to play as it literally encourages me to improvise, or as the title suggests, Jammin’.

Go to Master Blaster step 1.

Master Blaster – Step 2 (Free Preview)

What’s so interesting with the verse progression is that we can’t exactly define what the Roman Numerals are.

The chords are several things at the same time. It’s a master class in how to write a great chord progression if you like.

Go to Master Blaster step 2.

Master Blaster – Step 3

Today we play the chorus. This is a simpler progression than the verse, similar to what you played in I Heard It Through The Grapevine, although now in a different key.

When you can play all examples – start improvising.

Go to Master Blaster step 3.

Master Blaster – Step 4

In this step, we practice the Minor Pentatonic again, in sequences. This is a great test to see if you have learned the scale properly.

There are five examples to get through as there are five shapes of the Minor Pentatonic.

Go to Master Blaster step 4.

Master Blaster – Step 5

Today we learn those scary instrumental sections, in (almost) all areas of the neck.

Plenty of shapes to get through and as if that wasn’t enough, I want you to practice all by picking the notes as well as hammering-on and pulling-off.

Go to Master Blaster step 5.

Master Blaster – Step 6

In this lesson, I’ll show you a scale I invented and named Conspirian.

After you learned it in five positions I also give you six licks that’ll work when you improvise a solo over either Master Blaster’s verse or chorus progressions.

Go to Master Blaster step 6.

Master Blaster – Step 7

Today I’m gonna play this song from beginning to end, in an improvised way.

The improvisation part is down to what shapes I play when, but also how hard or soft I strum, and how much I take out from a part in order to create more space.

Go to Master Blaster step 7.

Master Blaster – Step 8

Keep this video on repeat as you jam along, exploring the fretboard at the same time.

Today was the last time we studied how to play Master Blaster. It was also the last song of the course. But it wasn’t the last lesson in the course.

Go to Master Blaster step 8.

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Go to Master Blaster lyrics.

Stevie Wonder

stevie-wonder-thumbStevie Wonder is the legend whom most practicing musicians come across, that has a life-changing impact on them.

Stevie’s natural groove and ability to so purely express music are untouched. His vocal phrasing and songwriting are second to none.

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Intermediate Electric Songs

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