Martin Guitars Review

Martin Guitars Review

Martin Guitars changed the world of music with the D28!

Family owned Martin Guitars date back to 1833, making them a veteran among guitar manufacturers.

Amazingly they have actually kept it in the family. The current chairman and CEO, C.F. Chris Martin IV, is the great-great-great-grandson of the founder who was born in 1796!

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Martin Guitars – Interview part 1

Martin D28

The mother of all acoustics, this is the model every other steel string has to tip their hat to.

Copied by practically every other brand, the D28 started a revolution in guitar manufacturing and more importantly music history.

The D28, with its X-bracing, replaced the banjo’s role in your “run of the mill” band set up and paved the way for the guitar to become the most popular instrument in the world.

In this first part of the interview with a representative from Martin, we talk about how this model came about.

Budget Martins

To make sure everybody can own a Martin the company also makes budget models with fewer frills and cheaper wood.

These are overall great instruments. The Mahogany guitars, for example, offer a good bread and butter guitar that you can take to gigs without suffering heart attacks every time a punter gets close to you.

The Backpacker series are really convenient little guitars to bring with you anywhere you go.

They come with onboard electronics as well should you stumble upon a jam during your travels.

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Martin Guitars – Interview part 2

Plug it in

The most exciting development from Martin in recent years must be the collaboration with Fishman producing the Aura technology built into a Martin.

Fishman records the built-in microphone, at the same time as they capture the sound using expensive studio microphones in a studio.

Using computer analysis, they study the difference between the sound waves and digitally “image” the studio microphone.

This means that when you plug in a Martin with this technology built in, you sound like you are in a studio, but through a PA system.

With no external technology needed you will most likely always sound better than the next guy.

In the second part of my Martin video interview, we talk about some different models, including some that use Koa Wood and different pickup systems.

The signature model series

Martin has a huge range of signature guitars that they developed with some of the most famous players around.

Over 100 models in the range cover artists like:

Beck, Eric Clapton (who has 6 different models!) Johnny Cash, Steve Earl, Stefan Grossman, Woodie Guthrie, Ben Harper, John Mayer, Don McLean, Willie Nelson, Elvis Presley, Paul Simon, Steven Stills, Sting and Hank Williams!

Martin’s signature guitars might be expensive. But how often do you get a guitar developed by your favorite player and the inventors of the steel string guitar?

Should the signature series, the D28 or any of the martin models not be enough for you, Martin allows you to design your very own guitar.

Start with one of their shapes, choose the wood, add something different and voila, you got your own signature guitar!

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