Sunshine Of Your Love Step 1 (Free Preview)

Sunshine Of Your Love Step 1 (Free Preview)

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Minor Blues Scale & Riff

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Minor blues scale & Riff

Welcome back,

Today we start preparing to play Cream’s classic Sunshine Of Your Love.

This song is (loosely) based around the 12 bar blues format, but a riff is applied to the I and IV chord.

The riff is based on the Minor Blues Scale so today we make sure you can play it in Dm and Gm.

Since the scale sounds better when the minor 3rd is played on a different string to the root, we connect the three shapes Gm/Em/Dm.

Here’s the TAB for example 1. Use the TAB loop or a metronome when you practice.

By moving the pattern to G, A, G, and then back to D again you manifest this pattern in your hands. Make sure you can play this without reading the TAB.

The next example uses the Cm/Am/Gm shapes. Does this mean we only need two patterns when playing the minor blues scale? It looks like it!

To learn example 2, play along with the TAB loop in the playlist above, or if that’s too fast, a metronome at a suitable pace.

Let’s find out how that riff of Sunshine Of Your Love fits in this scale.

Here’s example 3 in TAB. It doesn’t sound great since the minor third is on the same string as the root.

Let’s use the scale like we practiced it instead and find the riff.

Here’s example 4.

Evidently, this is much better! Let’s do it to the Cm/Am/Gm shapes as well.

Here’s example 5.

Next time, we play the riff in ten different ways, still just using D and G chords.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)

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