Robin Hood – Step 1 (Free Preview)

Robin Hood – Step 1 (Free Preview)

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Robin Hood – Verse

Welcome back,

Today we start working on a new song that contains another slash chords.

Beginner SWS – key of G

We touched on this as you played Redemption Song with the G/B. Today we learn a D/F# and have the option to play it with our thumb, just like Jimi Hendrix would.

In Robin Hood we are in the key of G, the same chords as you’ve used for the previous two songs are available again:

G (I) Am (II) Bm (III) C (IV) D (V) Em (VI) F#m7b5.

Instead of a F#m7b5, we play a D/F#. the verse progression looks like this:

GD/F#EmDC Dsus4 D.

This is a descending movement of:

IV/VIIVIVIV, before we go back up to Vsus4 V.

Here’s verse example 1.

Notice how the DC use some open strings in order to make the switch smooth.

In example 2, the first bass note isn’t picked anymore.

Because of the fully strummed Em, we have to add some open strings to the D/F#.

The last 16th in bar 4 is technically a Dsus4 again but as it’s so quick and only there to get us to a G, we don’t need to put the chord symbol in.

Here’s example 3. Now we pick the progression instead.

Finally, here’s example 4. More 16th notes have now been added.

Practice all four examples to the TAB loops in the playlist above.

In the next lesson, we continue our work on the chromatic exercise as we learn how to play it using triplets.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)

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