Kiss Me Step 1 (Free Preview)

Kiss Me Step 1 (Free Preview)

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Intro, Verse & Instrumental

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Kiss Me – Intro, verse and instrumental

Welcome back,

Today we finally start playing the actual song. First up is the intro, verse, and instrumental sections.

They are all similar as they use pretty much the same chords.

Starting with the intro. Notice how the first beat is different in bar 1. Practice without a metronome and aim to strum the lower part of the chord when you strum down, and a higher part of the chord who you strum up.

Don’t worry about following the TAB perfectly, this is a mindset.

Next, the verse. Pretty much the same as the intro, although now all rhythms are the same throughout.

The final bar uses an F/C in order to move us to the chorus.

Finally, let’s look at the second instrumental sections first half, which is a picked version of this progression.

When you can play all these reasonably well, try it along to the TAB loop, aiming to eventually play it in the order of intro – verse – instrumental.

Next time, we dive into the chorus and see what that entails.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)

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