Jimmy Mack – Step 2 (Free Preview)

Jimmy Mack – Step 2 (Free Preview)

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Jimmy Mack – Intro

Welcome back,

Let’s start working on the intro for Jimmy Mack. First, we must work out the key and the roman numerals.

In the key of C, the chords would be: Cmaj7 (I) Dm7 (II) Em7 (III) Fmaj7 (IV) G7 (V) Am7 (VI) Bm7b5 (VII)

In the key of Db (one fret up), we get: Dbmaj7 (I) Ebm7 (II) Fm7 (III) Gbmaj7 (IV) Ab7 (V) Bbm7 (VI) Cm7b5 (VII)

The chorus and intro of Jimmy Mack use chord II – IIm7 – I – IV (V).

Use hte various TAB loops before you play along with this band-only practice loop.

In example 1, we play them like this.

To turn these chords into a guitar part, we can just pick three strings to play them on and strum in a triplet rhythm, up until beat 4.

Look out for the ties and slides and make sure you can play like the TAB says before you start finding variations.

Here’s example 3, now we are in a new area of the neck.

Here’s what these shapes look like in TAB when turned into a simple guitar part.

Notice the difference between sliding into the Dbmaj7 quickly (example 2), vs making it part of the rhythm (example 3).

Finally, let’s look at the last area of the neck, starting with an Em shape, this won’t sound good until you turn it into a three string part. Looks like this.

Here are the chord shapes as a part.

Spend enough time playing all examples one by one. When they all feel natural, start moving around the neck, without looking at the TAB.

Next time, we learn the chorus.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)

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