I’m Yours Step 3 (Free Preview)

I’m Yours Step 3 (Free Preview)

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I’m Yours – Intro/Verse/Chorus/Instrumental

Welcome back,

Let’s crack on and learn how to play I’m Yours, just like I do in that video I recorded before Jason Mraz officially released his!

The first example is perhaps the most difficult to play. Use the TAB loop on repeat until you can do it.

Start by playing without the muted strums, putting them in after is easier than trying to get it all correct straight away.

As the verse start, it may be a good idea to take a few mutes out and move down the fretboard.

Getting out of the way when the singer starts is always appreciated, both by the singer and the listener!

The 2nd TAB loop demonstrates this.

When you can play this, try playing like the third example.

Finally, let’s look at the easiest way of playing this progression.

In example 4 you just hold the chords, a great way to calm a song down, often referred to as a “breakdown”.

Spend enough time with these four examples until you can play them all.

The final step is to move between them.

Next time, we look at the M8 section, which is all that is missing to complete the song.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)

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