I Shot The Sheriff Step 1 (Free Preview)

I Shot The Sheriff Step 1 (Free Preview)

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Bass Lines & Chord Shapes

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Bass lines & Chord shapes

Welcome back,

Let’s start off this madness by working on the fundamental bits.

Here’s example 1, the bass line.

Use the TAB loop to practice this the most, you need to know it so well that when you go to sleep tonight, it’s still playing in your head.

Here’s example 2, now we’re practicing chords and shapes. Use the TAB Loop until you can do it.

Let’s move on. Here’s example 3.

This example will take longer since the rhythm is more complex.

Here’s example 4. This is the verse bass line.

Let’s practice our chords and shapes over this.

Since the bass line is over 10 bars, but the example is 8 bars, the chords will shift and even out after 5 times around.

Use this loop to practice without hearing the TAB.

Here’s example 5.

Let’s practice more chord shapes! Example 6 looks like this.

Example 6 is not easy, you may need to keep that TAB loop going for a while.

Here’s example 7. It’s the same as example 5, although now the rhythm has changed.

Almost there, only example 8 to complete (use the TAB loop!) This is the same shapes as example 5, but with new rhythm.

Next time, we start working on a one acoustic guitar part for the chorus.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)

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