My Guy – Step 2 (Free Preview)

My Guy – Step 2 (Free Preview)

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My Guy – Verse

Welcome back,

Let’s start learning that verse! The first part, which moves around a Bb chord is what we study here, we leave the D7 for now.

Here’s a loop to practice along to. Use this to practice individual TAB examples for longer than the TAB loops allow.

When you feel comfortable, start blending the examples in an improvised way.

The first four examples build up to playing the broken triplet. Ensure you can play all of them before you tackle the last two examples.

When you can play all six variations in isolation, aim to move between them in an improvised way.

Here’s the TAB.

Looking at the TAB in example 1, ensure you can see how we are using a G shaped Bb chord throughout.

In the next example, we are in an E shape. Here’s the TAB.

Again, practice each example in isolation before you start moving freely between them. If you get stuck on a particular one, go back and practice it again in isolation.

Here’s the last TAB example.

Now we are using a C shaped Bb chord to find our extensions. As I speak about in the video, you may have to move the thumb behind the neck to reach the maj7 and then back again to play the triad and 6 chords.

In total, ten minutes per example should be plenty to nail this. If you’re even quicker, move between all areas, the G shape, the E shape, and the final C shape, in an improvised way.

The more you change between the rhythms and positions, the better. This is not performing the song, this is practicing getting good at moving around the neck.

This is why just one lonely little Bb with a few extensions turned into so many TAB examples.

The goal is to see the opportunities you have to play this chord all over the neck, be able to execute it, then choose which one you like the most.

First, we develop. Then we refine.

In the next lesson, we move on to learn the bridge, you’ll soon be flying around the neck.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)

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