The Drugs Don’t Work – Step 1 (Free Preview)

The Drugs Don’t Work – Step 1 (Free Preview)

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The chords

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The Drugs Don’t Work – Chord progression and chord extensions

Welcome back,

Today we start looking at a new song in The Verve’s monster hit The Drugs Don’t Work.

The chords are all from the key of C, no variations are used.

Here are the different sections.

SWS in CIntro/Verse/Chorus

| I | I | VI | VI | III | IV V | I | I |
| C | C | Am | Am | Em | F G | C | C |

Before M8

| I | III | IV V | I | I |
| C | Em | F G | C | C |


| IV | III | VI | V |
| F | Em | Am | G |

Chorus 4

| III | IV V | I | I |
| Em | F G | C | C |


| I |
| C |

Strum through the chord progressions above along to the video with me and the singer. Aim to hear and name each chord as a number.

Don’t worry about the strumming pattern, just focus on hearing each chord as a roman numeral.

When you feel ready, try som extension. Below is some TAB displaying the different chord extension I discuss in the first video.

Don’t worry about all these names, you’ll eventually learn how to name chords like this.

So instead of trying to memorise them, just see it as “What happens if I remove a finger and play an open string?”

Next time, we look at what strumming pattern to use.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)

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