Dreadlock Holiday Step 1 (Free Preview)

Dreadlock Holiday Step 1 (Free Preview)

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Intro, Verse & Bridge

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Dreadlock Holiday – Intro, Verse and Bridge

Welcome back,

Today we start working on a new song in Dreadlock Holiday by 10cc.

I made a few mistakes on the original recording when it comes to the chords. Unfortunately, I got the V chord mixed up with the IIIm7, an easy mistake to make!

As if that wasn’t bad enough, I also got the IV chord confused with the IIm7.

Instead of scrapping the song, I thought, you could learn from my mistakes here since these are easy mistakes to make.

This doesn’t happen all the way through the song, mainly, it’s in the opening section of the intro.

I play EmDsus2/AC. Should you play this on your own, play EmBm7Am7.

Once the intro gets going, it’s all a combination of chord VI (Em) and chord II (Am/Am7).

There’s a TAB loop you can play along to, enabling you to practice all the rhythmical variations.

Next up we have the verse. This is a much simpler affair, using no rhythmical variation what so ever.

This is a good concept when there’s singing going on as you want the listener to focus on the vocal. Spend enough time playing along to this until it feels natural.

Next, there are a couple of ways you could play the bridge.

The first bridge is played using plenty of 16th notes. This goes well with the floaty oh’s that make up the backing vocals.

Should you not like this way of strumming, you could play it using longer, held chords, like in example 2.

Perhaps you’ll end up, just like me, playing both!

Next time, we dive into the chorus, the chorus tag and the instrumental sections of Dreadlock Holiday.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)

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