You Can’t Hurry Love – Step 2 (Free Preview)

You Can’t Hurry Love – Step 2 (Free Preview)

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Chorus chords and exercises

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You Can’t Hurry Love – Chorus

Welcome back,

Let’s start with working on that chorus progression.

I want you to be able to play this anywhere on the neck as this will make it more enjoyable playing the song. You could in this way keep changing it every time you play it.

The fact that you’ll map out the fretboard with Bb, Eb, Dm, Gm and F chords is a bonus not to be underestimated!

This is the progression of the chorus.

||: Bb | Bb | Eb Bb | Bb |
Dm Gm | Gm | Eb | F :||

It may seem like a good idea to half the tempo (from 192 to 96) and think in 16th note pace rather than 8th note pace.

However, if you did this, the notation of these chords would be on the up-beat and this is clearly not reggae…

Start with playing with the TAB loops. The try each example over this band-only loop.

Let’s start by playing all these chords as far down the neck as we can. Each chords shape is:

  • Bb – A shape
  • Eb – D shape
  • Dm – open Dm
  • Gm – open Gm
  • F – E shape

In TAB, it looks like this.

When you can play this along to the loop, don’t stop the loop, instead move up the neck and play it like this.

Now the chords are a G shape for the Bb, a C shape for the Eb, Cm shape for the Dm, Em shape for the Gm and a D shape for the F.

The last F doesn’t have a 3rd in it. Perhaps this is not the best idea, experiment with playing a C shape of that last F as well.

Play it until you don’t make any mistakes. Just like when you played Rescue Me and all other songs that use barre chords, you must do all your muting with the fretting hand.

Here’s the next example.

This is perhaps the best way to play this chorus, the Bb gets an E shape, the Eb an A shape etc.

Keep this going until you can play it without making mistakes. Then move on to example 4.

This is more of an exercise than a great part to be perfectly honest with you. Perhaps when you can play this really well, you’ll end up picking a few of these shapes for one area of the song.

Here’s the last example.

I like the progression up here, the C shaped Bb and the E shaped Eb sound great.

I would consider playing like this towards the end of the song in order to create a climax.

When you feel confident playing all five examples, go back to the video and play after I play each example. If you can do this you have proved to yourself you can do it.

Spend the remaining time moving around the neck picking chord shapes in an improvised way. Experiment with adding the upstroke rhythm I talk about in the video lesson.

Next time, we do the same to the verse which is the same progression, just played with a different rhythm.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)

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