Be My Baby – Step 2 (Free Preview)

Be My Baby – Step 2 (Free Preview)

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Three ways to play the Verse

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Be My Baby – Verse

Welcome back,

Let’s learn that verse. The progression of the verse is.

||: E | E | F#m | B7 :||

In the key of E this means, I – II – V on repeat. Not the first time that progression has been heard on the radio!

Here’s a loop for you to practice the three examples over. Use this as well as the TAB loops in the playlist above.

Example 1 uses big, open position chords and long sweeping rhythms in order to sound as big as possible.

The E is played with a very slow rake, so slow I wrote it as a rhythm of two 16th, followed by six beats of just holding the chord.

The F#m is a big Em shaped chord, using the same rhythm as the E, it just ends a bar earlier.

For the B7, play just the root, followed by what the bass player does.

The second line starts in the same way, then arpeggiates the chord shapes. The B7 is a C shape using an open string.

Example 2 is more compact than what you just worked on. Looks like this in TAB.

The shapes are almost the same, the B7 is now an A shape. The lick at the end uses only chord notes.

On the second line, we start climbing. The E is a C shape, the F#m is a Cm shape and the B is a G shape.

The last lick use notes from the B Major Pentatonic, just like the chord, this is played in a G shape.

Here’s example 3, we’re further up the neck, still playing long, sweeping arpeggiated chord shapes.

The first bar starts in an A shape, sliding up to a G shape. The F#m is a Cm shape, the lick over B is an E shaped Major Pentatonic.

On the second line, we start in the same way but then add some E Major Pentatonic notes.

Lastly, the F#m is an Am shape, the B7 a D shape.

Practice all these examples until they sound fluent. Should you have any time left, try playing in an improvised way, without looking at the TAB.

Next time, we continue by looking at the bridge.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)

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