American Pie Step 1 (Free Preview)

American Pie Step 1 (Free Preview)

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American Pie – Chorus

Welcome back,

It’s time to discover how one of the worlds most legendary songs was put together. Let’s put Don McLean‘s American Pie under the microscope.

Since the chorus is the least complicated section, let’s start with that.

I’ve got two TAB loops for you.

The first pick some of the bass notes, looks like this.

The second has more strumming, looks like this.

If the loop is too fast, try it on your own using a metronome, gradually building it up to speed.

After some time, you’ll get this perfectly nailed down. Now, and not before, play it without looking at the TAB, combining the single bass note with big strums in an improvised way.

Since this is not a riff, natural variations in the strumming is a good thing.

Next time, we look at the verse, it has a much more intricate chord progression than the chorus.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)

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