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Jazz from Iceland/China!

A rising star in modern jazz, Icelandic/Chinese Laufey is a cellist, singer, and songwriter who has garnered international attention following her 2023 album Bewitched.

As always, there’s a tune behind this rise to fame, and for Laufey, it’s her own Bossa Nova composition From The Start, which received a million plays on the first day of its release.

On the same album, we also find a cover of Misty, and Laufey has quoted Ella Fitzgerald as one of her main influences, stating that all musicians should transcribe their favourite solos. In her case, that’s Ella’s famed Bebop scat solos.

Laufey’s musical education started at a young age with her Chinese mother a violinist, and her grandfather a violin teacher.

In her native Iceland, she participated in a couple of TV talent shows as a teenager (Iceland’s Got Talent and The Voice), reaching the finals in both competitions.

Following her rise to fame in Iceland, she relocated to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music. After graduating, she released her debut single, Street by Street (2020), which performed well in Iceland.

This was followed by an EP, Typical of Me (2021), which was praised by Billie Eilish. Her debut album, Everything I Know About Love, was released in 2022.

This was followed by a live album, A Night at The Symphony (2023), and her latest release, the aforementioned Bewitched.

Clearly, a very talented musician, and I for one am very excited to see what she brings us next.

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Look at me, I’m as helpless as a kitten up a tree…

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