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Three brothers and a cousin!

Formed in Nashville by strictly family members, über cool Kings Of Leon came on the scene with a pre-release, leading up to the debut album in 2003.

Before the now somewhat legendary debut, we got an EP in February entitled Holy Roller Novocaine, both the title track and Molly’s Chambers featured on it, not a bad start!

When the album Youth and Young Manhood was released less than six months later, only one tune from the 5 track EP was not on the album.

Two years later they release Aha Shake Heartbreak, this album was received well but no significant hits appeared on it.

In 2007, they bring us Because Of The Time, and again, no big hits although the album charted well in the U.K. and Ireland, so did their previous release.

Only a year later Kings Of Leon’s biggest album, Only by the Night, drops and now the big hits are finally there. Perhaps laying the foundation with three albums, and having their fan base in place was a big part of why it worked so well.

Sex On Fire hit #1 in three countries, and Use Somebody reached #2 or better in four countries. The album itself reached #1 in five countries, selling over 6 million copies worldwide, making Kings Of Leon one of the biggest rock bands in the world.

Cover bands the world over have since embraced Sex On Fire, often finishing their sets with it alongside Mr. Brightside, Livin’ On A Prayer, and Summer Of 69.

These bands would now also be able to play Molly’s Chambers and Use Somebody as the world had, because of Sex On Fire, discovered Kings Of Leon.

In 2010, the band followed the enormous success of Only by the Night with another album in Come Around Sundown. Two more notable tunes here featured in Radioactive, and Pyro.

Since then, King Of Leon has released several albums, but no singles have reached the same heights as their best tunes Holy Roller Novocaine, Molly’s Chambers, Sex On Fire, Use Somebody, Radioactive, and Pyro.

Not bad for three brothers and a cousin from Nashville, considering they’re supposed to play country music coming from that neck of the woods!

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Molly’s Chambers

||: F#5 (F#/E F# F#/E F# F#/E) :||
Free, that’s all that she can bleed, that’s why’ll she’ll never stay.
||: F#5 (F#/E F# F#/E F# F#/E) :||
White, bare naked in the night, and lookin’ for some play.

Molly’s Chambers chords.

Sex On Fire

Sex On Fire chords

E E6 | E E6 | E E6 | E E6 |
Lay where you’re laying, don’t make a sound.
C#m C#mb6 | C#m C#mb6 | C#m C#mb6 | C#m C#mb6 |
I know they’re watching, they’re watching.

Sex On Fire chords.

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